2 Quick! Quick! Ways to Pay for your DStv & GOtv on the GO!








MultiChoice has definitely evolved over the years, with the latest step being its new DStv Explora Decoder. Not only have the decoder consoles and programme content evolved, ways of making quick and easy payments have also evolved:

You can now renew your DStv and GOtv subscriptions without lifting a leg, literally. All you need is your phone, your ATM card and your smart card number. Shikena!


Quick Way 1: Quickteller IVR Voice Call

By dialling 08139851090  and following the voice prompt you can pay for your DStv and GOtv subscriptions by entering your ATM card details and your smart card number as requested.

To complete a transaction, the Quickteller IVR system gives you the option to pay with your registered card (if only you have registered your Verve Card for Safetoken) or the option to Pay at Quickteller.com.

So dial 08139851090  now and save the number for later!

Please note that Telco IVR call rates may apply.

Quick Way 2: SMS

By sending “{BANKNAME} PAY DSTV {AMOUNT} {SMARTCARDNUMBER}” to 32122. (This is currently only available for DStv.)

e.g. ZENITH PAY DSTV 4500 1234567890.

If your Verve Card has been registered for Safetoken, you will receive an automated IVR call asking for your card CVV2 and PIN to complete the transaction.
If your ATM card has not been registered for Safetoken either by your bank or by yourself at the ATM, you will have to use the Pay at Quickteller.com option where an SMS with a URL/link to the WebPay page will be sent to your phone to complete the transaction. However, you must have a phone with connection to the internet i.e. 3G or EDGE to access the link.


Please note that each SMS costs N30.

For a list of banks and their bank codes* please see table below:

Should you have a problem kindly contact support@interswitchng.com or call 01-9065000.


So feel free as closing times no longer apply to you. Whip out your phone and hit those numbers or better still, have it on speed dial. ;)



*Bank codes:

S/No Bank Bank Codes
1 Access Bank   ABP
2 Aso Savings & Loans   ASO
3 Diamond Bank   DBL
4 Ecobank   EBN
5 Enterprise Bank   SPB
6 Equitorial Trust Bank   ETB
7 FCMB Bank   FCMB
8 Fidelity Bank   FBP
9 First Inland Bank   FIB
10 FirstBank   FBN
11 Intercontinental Bank   IBP
12 Jaiz Bank   JAIZ
13 Keystone Bank   PHB
14 Mainstreet Bank   AFRI
15 Oceanic Bank   OBI
16 Skye Bank   SBN
17 Stanbic IBTC   CBP
18 Sterling Bank   SBP
19 UBA Bank   UBA
20 Union Bank   UBP
21 Unity Bank   UBN
22 Wema Bank   WEMA
23 Zenith Bank   ZIB


  1. adeyi solomon

    I tried to use the sms, but the response is initial key word not recognized as bank or merchant name.what will I use.

    1. Sabinus

      Adeyi hi, thanks for choosing Quickteller! We have updated the blog post to include the list of banks and their bank codes. Pls check and try again! :)

      1. greg

        you have not answered the question. l receive the same message when I tried paying. What does the system recognise as name, bank name or code?

        1. Sabinus

          Hi, kindly use the bank code against your bank as shown in the table. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

        1. Sabinus


          Paying with your bank account is not included in the option above. Please use the easy and more convenient options above.

          Thanks for choosing Quickteller.

      1. Ochei O. Justus

        Hello Sabinus, i don’t think your response really answered the question

        Does it mean i need to instruct my bank to link my card to an account or what?

        1. Sabinus

          Ochei hi, ordinarily you use your ATM card to make payments on various online platforms. And if your ATM card has been registered for Safetoken OTP, then the system will recognise this card and the account that is tied to it.

  2. Nwamadu Anthony

    I normally don’t wait till my subscription expires but I find it very difficult to renew because quickteller changed to what I dont know. asking for otp and what I don’t know, I have tried going to an ATM machine to activate what they requested but can’t find the options, its really stressing me because I can no longer shop online and enjoy easy access to goods and services online. please try and rectify these issues pls

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Anthony, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Safetoken OTP is designed for your own protection by providing a second level authentication for all online transactions. You can get in touch with your bank to register your ATM card for you if you are having challenges with registering at the ATM, otherwise you could try another ATM as the Quickteller option is available in over 13,000 ATMs nationwide. Please we would like you to continue to use Quickteller and enjoy greater convenience. Please let us know how it goes.

    1. Sabinus

      Vincent hi, transferring funds from one account to the other on Quickteller is easy. Click on the “Transfer to Account”. Enter the Destination bank details – account number, type and the beneficiary name. Enter the amount and click “Continue”. This will open the WebPAY payment gateway where you will need to enter your ATM card details so effect the transfer from your account to the specified account. Please note that there is a convenience fee of N100 only. click here to get started: https://www.quickteller.com/Categories/SendReceiveMoney

      Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  3. Dr. Henry Edeghere

    Hello, I used the SMS step to pay for my DSTV subscription through GTB which is NOT on your listed banks. At the end of imputting the required information: GTB pay DSTV (3000) 411301067988, I got this response – ” GTBANK PAY 914550 10000 1234″. Does this mean that the transaction was successful?. Please let me know as I do not want to be disconnected, particulary at the Yuletide period.
    Dr. Henry Edeghere

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Henry, the transaction was not successful as the “()” were not recognised by the system. Pls remove the brackets and pls try again i.e. GTB pay DSTV 3000 411301067988 to 32122. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  4. Greyguy Ashburn

    I want to be using quickteller to pay for subscription for people who are in my local and can’t go to DSTV office in PH because its quite far. Do you guys charge for DSTV and GOTV subscription on quickteller? If yes How much so I can know how to add my own charges.

  5. Michael

    Pls I want to understand something if I have a visa debit card I can use it to pay for my DStv?and how do I register for SAFETOKEN? Thank U.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Michael, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Visa cards do not currently work on Quickteller. However, MasterCards and Verve Cards work on Quickteller. There are 2 ways to register either your MasterCard or Verve Card for Safetoken: you can ask your bank to enable your card for Safetoken i.e. online transactions or you can do it yourself at the ATM. Pls note that if you use a GTBank card, your hardware token issued by the bank is to be used to generate the Safetoken One-Time Password. Pls read for more info: https://connect.interswitchng.com/no-seriously-why-you-should-carry-out-atm-card-activationsafetoken-registration/

      1. adetola

        hello sabinus,
        I have been using quickteller since to do so many funny transactions since, transfers interbank, recharges and alot. its been fun. if there are any job opening maybe something like enlightenment for the public pay state wc I think should be done I wouldn’t mind working with u on that. u see most people don’t know dat quickteller is d best platform to save dashing to bank every minutes. its safe, easy nd convenient. hope to read u soon. thanks.

        1. Sabinus

          Adetola hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. We appreciate your kind words. Pls share the Quickteller message in your own little (or big) way, let everyone enjoy simplicity and convenience! :)

  6. Adebola

    Quickteller i have been using this platform for a few month, but not the sms, i downloaded the quickteller app on my fone †̥ d many activities. It functions well i don’t think i need the sms.

    1. Sabinus

      Godswill hi, if you are using a Verve Card that is registered for Safetoken, when you activate the app using the same phone number you used to register for Safetoken, your Verve card will be automatically added unto the app.

  7. Hamza Dahiru

    I tried to use the sms, but the response is initial key word not recognized as bank or merchant name.what will I use.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Hamza, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Kindly check the table and use the bank code for your bank.

  8. Dr. Mark Malik

    I opted for the SMS option. And I sent it 3ce, thus: FIRST BANK PAY DSTV 11650 41335898957, FIRST PAY DSTV 11650 41335898957, FBN PAY DSTV 11650 41335898957. All returned a response of Initial keyword not recognized as bank. Check spelling of first word and resend. I do not know what else to do. Please advise.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Dr. Malik, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Apologies for the downtime on SMS. Kindly use any of our other payment methods to effect your payment. Quickteller IVR works just fine: dial 08139851090 and follow the voice prompt.

  9. godswill

    I always get this message when trying to add my card “Virtual card has already been registered under this wallet. (5092)”

    And “Request facility not subscribed” when I send “Quickteller to 32122″

  10. Agbor Ojen Jr

    Good day Administrator
    Until early this year, I usually make payments for bulk sms units online from my EcoBank Account using VoguePay platform integrated into the bulk sms website. This is okay and is still working perfectly.
    However, I recently bought an Android Phone and want to be using Quick teller instead. But any time I tried registering or activating my ATM in the Quickteller Apps, it returns with the message “Virtual card has already been regsitered under this wallet. (5092)”
    I don’t know what to do next. I’ll really do appreciate your timely response to my quest.
    Thank You!

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Obinna, thanks for choosing Quickteller. Yes you can pay for your GOtv subscription using your GTBank card.

  11. tanexflexy

    I subscribed in Zenith bank for 6 days now and my stations are still yet to be re-installed. those itmean that askin one to pay in the bank is not geniue.

  12. Olatunji jimoh

    I saw ur message on yesterday dat i should on my decoder by 8.00 which 8 o’clock, i don’t know may be is am or pm pls reply immediatelly thanks

    1. Sabinus

      Olatunji hi, kindly contact DStv as they are in the best position to help you with this. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  13. Cajetan Onwuezobe

    I made one year subscription of mytv africa on the 28 of april through quickteller online bill payment via guaranty trust bank, the amount of N13600.00 was deducted from my account but has not been credited to mytv africa account. I want the mytv africa account credited or revert the payment please. The smartcard number is 017025006200. Thanks. Cajetan.

  14. cynthia

    Plz i wanna find out if paying electronically with à token doesnt work for gotv. Cos i v already done it twice and ma moni was deducted twice, yet gotv keps sending me msgs that ma subcription will expire on d day its supposed to which is tomorrow. Plz i need a response quickly. Tnx

  15. Isioma Rachael

    I just subscribed for DSTV online through mobile banking for a friend. I sent RAmy friend’s first 10 digits card number to 30333, but up till now, she called that the DSTV is not working yet. What else can I do?

  16. Alabunge Andrew

    Hi, i made GOtv payment online since June 12 2014 but GOtv sent a message saying d payment could not be cleared please what is the problem? my REF:999901495889

    1. Sabinus

      Andrew hi, kindly contact GOtv with your details to assist in resolving the issue. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  17. juwon

    Hi I just tried paying via calling the number u posted here,just got back from the ATM after following instructions from the IVR on the line,but when I try to pay the IVR tells me my bank canceled the transaction note I have already registered via Atm

  18. beejay

    i just bought a gotv decoder and tried installing it but just 1 locked channel displays error code 32. please what should i do?

  19. Sabinus

    Meluleki hi, you need to contact DStv in this regard. You can call their customer care on 01-2703232 or 08039003788. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  20. shade

    I’m a new user,after registering I logged in,i tried sending money and after filling the receiver’s info,i tried the “NEXT” button but nothing happened…why is that pls??

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Shade, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Kindly refresh your browser. If the problem persists pls try another browser.

  21. Tijani Olaposi

    I wanted to pay through DStv rechargeable card but I mistakenly scratch off a digit number,what can I do?

  22. made

    I tried renewing my Dstv subscription through different qui teller options and although transaction was declined I was debited twice without activation. How do I resolve this?

  23. dammy

    I paid for my GOTV standard subscription on d 5th of October But my decorder is still showing d error code and av sent code to GOTV to clear it but they replied with can’t b clear. pls what’s d problem

  24. Olalere olatunde

    Hello! I paid my dstv subscription and u guy debited my account and i still dont have my dstv working.Have i been duped?? Otherwise help me reset and activate my dstv ASAP 1004691802 is my smartcard number

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