4 Ways to Get Safetoken OTP

There are 4 additional ways to get your Safetoken OTP:

  1. By dialling *322*0# (for MTN, Etisalat, Airtel subscribers) or *805*0# (for Glo subscribers)*
  2. From the Quickteller App
  3. By Email
  4. By texting “BankName OTP” to 32122 (Click here for list of Banks)*
Please note that your ATM card must have been successfully registered for Safetoken by your bank or by yourself at the ATM, specifying the dedicated mobile phone number and/or email. Also, telco charges may apply to USSD and text messaging service

Remember to keep your ATM card, mobile phone and PIN to yourself at all times. Do not share these with anyone.


    1. Abimbola Sowande

      My husband cell number is on the system and I need the OTP today to rechardge our electricity metre .. OTP is being sent to his cell number



    1. Sabinus

      Benny hi, you can get in touch with FirstBank to register your card for Safetoken OTP to enable you carry out transactions on Quickteller. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  2. segun

    Before the use of one time payment on quickteller, i have been using my nokia E5 phone to perform transactions almost everyweek online, buying airtime and paying for pay tv monthly. immidiately the emergence of one time payment , i got restricted using thier services online. I went to my bank to register for one time payment and to get the code by sms later on, all went well but to continue using the services on my mobile phone became impossible for me unless i use my laptop to perform the transaction. After i had input every other thing on my phone, the last operation to insert the card type is where i normally face the stock and unable to procede to the final loading, unlike the laptop where i can further insert my card number, pin number, otp and on. the question now is, Is quickteller not supporting symbian phones anymore ?

  3. josh

    Nothing is working in this country. Wanted to purchase card online, got to where I will type in d otp so called, still ve not receive the otp since only God knows when. God will surely take away all dese dumb ass ruling us IJN. Amen.

    1. Sabinus

      Valentine hi, to receive your OTP via email kindly get in touch with your bank to set this up. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

    1. Sabinus

      Michael hi, to receive your OTP via email kindly get in touch with your bank to set this up. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  4. Tonye Alamina

    Hi i did activated my as directed through an ATM machine using my phone number which i use to in opening my master card account and #100 or there about was deducted from my account. But till am unable to get my 0TP, when i make OTP request on my phone it shows ( you do not have any available payment method for OTP). What should i do , thank you.

  5. Tonye Alamina

    Hi i did activated my master card as directed through an ATM machine using my phone number which i use to in opening my master card account and #100 or there about was deducted from my account. But till am unable to get my 0TP, when i make OTP request on my phone it shows ( you do not have any available payment method for OTP). What should i do , thank you.

  6. Adamu Ibrahim Abbas

    Hi, i have two cards on my apps the first one(Ecobank card) and FCMB card the first one is not active how’ll i get rid of it pls and how’ll the second one replace it.

    1. Sabinus

      Adamu hi, you can add the second card to the app without necessarily removing the first one. Just make sure that you use the same mobile number when activating it. However, if you still want to remove the first card, kindly send an email to support@Interswitchng.com. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  7. Alanis adewale

    I ve been waiting for the past twenty minutes now just because of safetoken whatever.please hw can u help cos I need to recharge as soon as possible.

  8. eregene precious

    pls i tried using my atm to top up, its progress well but i cant receive my opt i tried different means no way what can i do pls.my bank is fcmb

  9. deji

    Since I ported, I have not been able to receive my OTP. I have a token from UBA (the red thing that generates an 8-digit code to verify trasactions) but it still doesn’t work when I try and use it to pay for a bill via the merchants website. Sending a texxt doesn’t work because I don’t get a response and using the phone interface doesn’t work either because I always get the message “session timed out”

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Abiola, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Yes, you can use your hardware token to generate OTP if yours is issued by GTBank. However, FirstBank hardware tokens cannot be used to generate OTP.

  10. Eche

    How much does it cost to use the USSD channel to generate the One Time Password? That is, how much am I charged when I dial *322*0# to generate OTP?

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Eche, thank you for choosing Quickteller. USSD charges vary for the different telcos but the average cost is about N4 per session.

  11. Bello Sabo

    I did porting of my MTN Number to an Etisalat number.Since then i could not receive any OTP sent to me for the purpose of any transaction.For two weeks i have been making efforts but to no avail. I requested my bank to change my number on their system for my account and asked them to use my new number instead of the former one which ported [ converted to an Etisalat line from MTN} instead of my earlier one. I also request them to activate my U-mobile with the same Gsm new number to enable me resume my mobile transactions. It is regrettable that up till now more than a month ago, i have not been able to make a single transaction. This is because the OTP is sent normally to my former GSM number and by quickteller but the text doesn’t reach me at all since i have not been receiving any text from system since then.Could any one with good knowledge assist me on how i can resolve this challenge.? I am worried

  12. jonathan

    Pls I keep getting this message whenever I try using d quickteller app on my fone to remember my card for safe token ( virtual card already activated with another wallet)
    Dat is for ecobank

    D gtb gives me (card not supported) pls wat do I do?

    1. Sabinus

      Jonathan hi, kindly confirm that your Ecobank card is a Verve card. If so there is no need for you to remember your Ecobank card on the app. Kindly skip this step and carry out an account balance enquiry. You should see your Ecobank card listed. To pay using your GTBank card, you should use the “Pay at Quickteller” option. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  13. Barile

    Hi, please I’d like to change the number which I receive my OTP to a new one . The old one is lost and I can’t make any transactions and it’s not safe. What do I do?

  14. Lord Moses

    My own comment is on the use of your customer service line 01-9065000. If one calls the number it’s always information all through. There is no customer service provider to talk to.

    1. Sabinus

      Chi hi, the payment transaction cannot be completed without the entry of the OTP once prompted. So, no the money has not left the account if you have not entered the OTP sent to you. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  15. zainan

    I changed my number from 08133149999 to 08153773246 how do i retrieve my OTP now because it keeps sending it to the old number

  16. tessy

    right now i need to register for sometin and i dont have an OTP, can i go to the atm now and get it done now, or how long does it take plus whats the process like

    1. Sabinus

      Tessy hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. A quick visit to the ATM will sort you out. Pls read for more information: https://connect.interswitchng.com/no-seriously-why-you-should-carry-out-atm-card-activationsafetoken-registration/

      See the steps for Safetoken ATM registration below:

      ** How to Activate Your ATM Card
      Visit an ATM
      Insert your card
      Select Quickteller
      Select “Pay bills”
      Choose your account type
      Select “Others”
      Enter 322222 as the payment code
      Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
      Accept the N1.00 amount displayed
      Follow prompts to complete the activation
      Please note that you will be charged a total of N101.00 only with N100 being the convenience fee.
      When activated/registered, whenever you are about to make payments online an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS.

  17. Ayemoba Reginald

    Please i registered my bet9ja account and my OTP was sent to a number that has long been disconnected by MTN as i rarely stay in Nigeria i registered with my recent number, please how do i get my OTP i have forwarded an e-mail to support@Interswitchng.com my number is 08161649000. Thanks

    1. Sabinus

      Reginald hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. You have done the right thing by contacting our customer support team. Kindly exercise some patience as they will get back to you shortly.

  18. Jaja

    I seriously need a help here… I tried depositing money into my betting account but an OTP was sent 2 d number am no longer using. What should i do 4 it 2 be send 2 my current number…

  19. Jude Nzemeke

    I would like to get my OTP sent to my email, I no longer use the phone number registered with the bank, and it has been changed by the bank (atleast for transaction alerts). Does my bank also have to change the number for receiving OTP or something?

    1. Sabinus

      Jude hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Please get in touch with your bank to update your records so you can receive the OTP via email.

  20. Olajide A.S

    I mistakenly used the payment code sent to my mail as my reference number on the ATM when I went for softtoken activation. Now Iam not able to get OTP delivered to my number +2348139483460

      1. Inyang

        Please i have Etransat Naira master card from First Bank, can i register for Safetoken since it is not interswitch.

        1. Sabinus

          Inyang hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Yes, you can register your Etransact Naira MasterCard for Safetoken.

  21. Olajide A.S

    I mistakenly used the payment code sent to my mail as my reference number on the ATM when I went for softtoken activation. Now Iam not able to get the OTP delivered to my number +2348139483460

  22. felix

    Pls, how do I get my safe token sent to my e-mail? my mobile number is not always on due to some phone issues.

  23. damilola

    I lost my mobile already, but i expect to see my OTP on my email address but nothing, how am i going to get that.

  24. Jake Oliha

    Hi, Please kindly explain how i can reverse a mobile recharged transaction (voucher card ) back to my account. Is there any possibility?

  25. Mma Mma

    I tried to register card through the ATM I got errors, The procedure was not as you listed out, any other way I can register?

    1. Sabinus

      Mma hi, the procedure is fine. However, you can contact your bank to assist you with enabling your card for Safetoken. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  26. innoson

    d safe token rocks wella…..jst in touch wit ur bank nd mind u, dnt interfere with others atm card or else????

  27. Smart Elizabeth Tega

    Pls I had a problem with my bank cos any transaction I make goes straight to my next of kin but after I complained the number was corrected back to mine. But any time I want to make a quickteller transaction the OTP is still being sent to the old number. I went to my bank Access Bank but it was confirmed dat d number there is mine but still today d OTP was still sent to my next of kin. Pls I don’t know wat to do

  28. Gbenga

    It is unfortunate I am not able to receive OTP in time for my transaction this mornig. OTP comes like 30-40 minutes late. It is frustrating. Can you render any help?

    1. Sabinus

      Gbenga hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. There are 4 ways you can get your OTP. These options are provided as alternatives, should one not work. Pls try them.

  29. gabriel ugbe

    how do i retrieve my otp from my old number 07030169026that it was sent to?… i no longer have access to that number again…pls transfer to 08174146968….and i want it urgently….

  30. Eke Chinonso

    Pls the number and email I registered with is not the number or email my OTP is being sent to. I’ve tried another number and email but the same number still pops up. Help !

  31. Oluchi

    Hi Team,
    I’m using a Verve Ecobank card. I attempted to transfer money from one account to another via my quickteller account but i was told i dont have the OTP… i read on your site that “(Ecobank Verve Card holders would not need to self-enrol via the ATM as the bank will automatically do this for them.)” https://connect.interswitchng.com/no-seriously-why-you-should-carry-out-atm-card-activationsafetoken-registration/

    Please I would like to know how i can be assisted as the banks dont operate during the weekend

    1. Sabinus

      Oluchi hi, you will have to contact your bank Ecobank in this regard as they undertake Safetoken registration on behalf of their customers. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  32. femi

    What option is available for someone abroad and wish to use Quickteller for payment transfer? Can i get OTP on my foreign mobile number or email?

    1. Sabinus

      Femi hi, OTPs cannot be sent over an international network. To get OTPs sent to your email you will have to contact your bank. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  33. mekela aiyejina

    Need an OTP after successful registration in IBTC ATM, but cant get it sent several times to the code given on the phone to get instant OTP, sent mail to support. up till now, nothing is coming forth. What other things can someone do because i am tired.

  34. Faith

    Hi. I have been using quickteller app to recharge. I have always wanted to transfer money from my eco bank account. This eve I used a zenith bank atm to register my card. Was charged 1 naira amd another 100 naira. I tried transferring some money to another ecobank account. Since then I keep getting Transaction failed error 94 from the quickteller app. I tried using d website. Still transaction failed. They have debitted my account for the amount i wanted to send over 5 times the 100naira service charge and the money keeps coming back. Pls what can I do.

    1. Sabinus

      Faith hi, since you are using an Ecobank card there is no need to register your card for Safetoken at the ATM as the bank has already registered your card on your behalf. Kindly contact Ecobank to confirm of your card has been enabled for Safetoken.

  35. Myke

    I just tried to pay for a flight and didn’t get my OTP as usual, hence i couldn’t complete the transaction. What do i do?

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Myke, kindly confirm that your ATM/debit card has been provisioned for Safetoken. If you are using a GTBank card, pls use the hardware token to generate the OTP. There are 4 ways you can get the OTP:

      By dialling *322*0# (for MTN, Etisalat, Airtel subscribers) or *805*0# (for Glo subscribers)
      From the Quickteller App
      By Email
      By texting “BankName OTP” to 32122 (Click here for list of Banks)

      Pls try any of the above as you should get the OTP if you have bee nregsitered for Safetoken. If not, pls read: https://connect.interswitchng.com/no-seriously-why-you-should-carry-out-atm-card-activationsafetoken-registration/.

      Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  36. Chiemela Steve

    Your payment was not successful
    We were unable to process your transaction. HELPLINE: 01-9065000. Alternatively, send an email to: support@interswitchng.com

    That is message i get when i try to buy recharge card or transfer money to another bank account.

  37. Effiong

    I am out of GSM network area. I can not carry out transaction with quickteller because the OTP has not been delivered to my e-mail as directed by the prompt.

    kindly assist .

    1. Sabinus

      Effiong hi, kindly get in touch with your bank to help with this. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  38. Ayodele Olalekan Peter

    I try to make online deposit for my 1960bet account with my Verve Ecobank card but I couldn’t get the OTP cos I used Glo(08077243681) line to register for the Ecobank account and now I use MTN line(08168458770)…Again,I checked my email for the OTP but see nothing…How do I go about it ? Please help !


  39. mandy

    im having issues changing the number with which i registered my quickteller account. everytime i try to correct it on my profile, it still sends my OTP to the old number.

  40. Adeola

    My OTP was sent to my former mobile number, in which i no longer use, how can i correct this and register a new number.


  41. shola oladele

    Hi Sabinus, Please how do i register my ATM Card for OTP, have tried many time at ATM Machines. and i can not make payment again. thanks

    1. Sabinus

      Shola hi, what bank card do you use? You can get in touch with your bank in this regard. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  42. Mr. Ojero

    Please, How can i get my OTP sent to my email address? I currently do not use the phone number i used in opening my account.

  43. princess balogun

    i have been trying to get a safetoken opt on so many transactions but to no avail, i even had to dial *322*0# and this was the response i got – Quickteller: you do not have any available payment methods for one time password. i really don’t know what next to do. any assistance that can be rendered will be appreciated.

  44. Monayajo Adeola

    I made a transfer of 17,000 Naira on the 30th of April 2014 from my First bank acct to a Gtb acct. I was debited but the Gtb acct wasn’t credited. I called your customer care several times, I was told the transfer will be reversed. when I noticed nothing been done, I went to my bank and was told it ois from quick teller. pls what can you do about this…thanks.

  45. Abdulwahab Nofisat Enitan

    Please how can i retrieve my OTP from my old no 08134662821 to my new no 08136560690

    1. Sabinus

      Enitan hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. To change the phone number where you receive the OTP kindly visit an ATM and re-register your card for Safetoken using the new number.

  46. Anthony

    Please I lost my ATM,ever since I got a new one and activated via quick teller,I do see 2 different accounts In my quick teller account..I can’t differentiate the lost card account and the present one.each time I try using it I get a transaction error saying ‘there was a transaction failure due to system problem,try again later (96)…is it possible to delete the 2accounts so that I can re-add the main one?You have not replied my mail for long

  47. David

    I am trying to register my card in the Quickteller app and its telling me virtual card already registered with another wallet. What do I do because I want to register it with this phone now.

  48. Oluwa Babajide

    Yesterday 05/09/2014 I registered for the Safetoken to enable me carry out transactions on any web merchant site that has integrated to the Interswitch payment gateway using a One Time Password (OTP) as a second level authentication process in addition to my Card Number, Card Expiry Date, PIN and CVV2 code.

    But its quite unfortunate that the process still makes me roll about cause am yet to receive an alert on 08027045201 which was used to register after which you surcharge N100 from my account.

    I already sent the above message to customersupport@interswitching.com

    Please rectify.


  49. Tega

    Hi, I’m not in nigeria and I would like the OTP to be sent to my email instead of my phone number cos I’m using quickteller and I can’t get the OTP from the phone number I used in registering, how do I go about that?
    P.S I already registered my card for it

  50. funmi

    i am using Ecobank verve card..i am have done my quick teller but till i don’t get my OTP on my phone…..i am so worried ..i can’t deposit on my merrybet account

  51. Efedenden

    hi,pls am having a challenge,I registered my ATM card with the Quickteller app with my previous phone,I gave that phone out and got a new Techno P9..After downloading the app again,when I tried remembering my card I was told that it has already been registered with another wallet..pls how do I transfer my account to my new phone..Thanks a lot..

  52. Nelly

    Thanks for your quick and efficient services. I am so impressed. When I didnt get the OTP, i sent a text message to 32122 and there it was I got the OTP and was able to pay my water bill. Keep it up.



  54. Benjamin

    Would I kill myself for you guys before you send me the OTP I already paid for. I have already activated my ATM for safetoken whatever and I have already been debited but you guys are telling me that I havent activated and I cant get my OTP for NYSC reg. Even after collecting my 30 for sms confirmation. What is all this? Do you have any idea what I have been through today? Kindly send me what I have paid for now! Send the OTP to 08068056813 I activated a first bank ATM using this number. Give me my OTP

  55. Nnenna

    You should at least have the decency to say that the sms will cost N30. afterall you failed in your duty to send the OTP when you should at the point of payment. God help Nigeria, our customer service is just sub-zero.

    1. Sabinus

      Nnenna hi, thank you for pointing this out. This info is actually contained in other similar posts; we apologise for the omission and will include it in the post.

  56. ope

    i have been trying to get my otp for the nysc registration…. and its like its impossible to even get it…when u know that it will be difficult for the corp memebers to get the otp, you wouldnt av used this method…please i plead with y to make it easier for others….pls i need the otp asap

  57. sam

    how can i change my otp number to a new number since my previous number is not available anymore, please its very urgent to me and you can kindly email me with the solution

    1. Sabinus

      Hi, Please repeat the registeration process via the ATM as it automatically overrides the odd number. Please find below other ways to register for safe token


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