Another Reason to Download & Use the Quickteller App! ~ A Safetoken/OTP Cheat

“Isn’t it foolish that i want to buy credit online from QuickTeller and I’m being asked to SEND A TEXT to another Number for OTP purposes?” – @Wan_tin_tin

This was a tweet we came across while trolling doing some research on Twitter. It seems to make a lot of sense: I mean you don’t have airtime on your phone and you need to recharge and yet you are being asked to use airtime (that you don’t have) to send “ZIB OTP” (in the case of Zenith Bank) to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) to complete the airtime purchase! Now, in this particular situation it may appear redundant but the Safetoken Service which generates the OTP is a regulatory requirement and was put in place by the banks to safeguard your online payment transactions. So in essence there is nothing we can do…..

…Or is there?

You see at Quickteller we are ALWAYS THINKING of cool ways to make your user experience better. So we have a “cheat mode” that gets around your having to spend airtime to get an OTP…drum roll…

The Quickteller App!!!

Yes, with the Quickteller App downloaded onto your smartphone, you can scroll to “Extras”, click and select “Generate Safetoken”, click and select the bank card you want to use for the transaction and viola! a One-Time Password is instantly generated by the app with which you can use to complete that airtime purchase on Quickteller or any other WebPay enabled third-party online retail platform.

So this is another cool reason to download and use the uber- convenient Quickteller App!

Thank us later! ;)

Please Note:

Your bank must have previously activated or registered your card for Safetoken or you must have activated the card yourself at the ATM to enjoy this.


  1. bombayNaija JustConcerned

    First off, great work thus far. You guys have pioneered and spearheaded online payment solution as far back as I can remember. Well done. But truth be told u guys have a long way to go. Is quickteller all about recharge cards? Or a payment gateway for online merchants or wich quickteller is one of the too? This website does not load well on mobile devices — test ur site b4 u deply (eg on BB). Why do users of quickteller have to go thru all these hurdles to buy anything. Technology should simplify and not complicate things. Why haven’t iya shikira that sell recharge cards been put out of work bcos of quickteller? Maybe bcos in ur office right now your security or cleaner or even the receptionist sells cards! You guys should stay focused on providing bespoke solutions for online merchants and coming up with less stressful ways of making payment online. Laise with banks and come up with simple, 2-step process of making online payments. Develop plugin for merchants that work for common platforms like wordpress, joomla, drupal, django etc. Pull off ur sales of whatever (dstv, nepa credit, recharge etc) and focus on bring new innovative payment solutions for merchants. Work on ur website and make the registration process simpler and online – banks don’t know anything about interswitch merchant registration – what a disaster! Focus u guys. Quickteller n interswitch is not about selling products online but a provider of online merchant payment solutions. Lookup stripe, paypal etc and see how detailed their websites are, how focused they are. They don’t sell recharge cards or dstv pakages. They sell payment solutions for merchants!!!

  2. bombayNaija JustConcerned

    Soory about my grammar in my last post but u get my drift. Simple technology is what we need. Let’s merchants with specialty in seeling goods do their job and u guys focus on prviding them the means to do so! If my recharge cards no gree load nko? Or my nepa credit no work? U guys have support for that? Abegi stick to technology and focus better. Don’t confuse urselfs. Una no dey see stripe, paypal etc? Work on getting VISA on ur platform, work on getting the merchant registration and authentication process online and on ur website. Send emails to ur existing merchants on what’s been happening. Educate banks on interswitch n quickteller. Abeg I no fit shout! Invest in ur PR – even wenger of arsenal dey finally buy players sef!!

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