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Payments in 10 seconds record, and how!

Castle in the Sky, and at one moment they took to Twitter so much that we hit a one-second peak of 143,199 Tweets per second. (August 2 at 7:21:50 PDT; August 3 at 11:21:50 JST) To give you some context of how that compares to typical numbers, we normally take in more than 500 million […]

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Improving accessibility of Quickteller.com

Timelines are the core content of Twitter. And with device independence being one of the core principles of accessibility, we’ve spent the past quarter tuning and enhancing keyboard access for timelines. Our goal was to provide a first-class user experience for consuming and interacting with timelines using the keyboard. The need for keyboard access isn’t always obvious. […]

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Observability at Interswitch

As Twitter has moved from a monolithic to a distributed architecture, our scalability has increased dramatically. Because of this, the overall complexity of systems and their interactions has also escalated. This decomposition has led to Twitter managing hundreds of services across our datacenters. Visibility into the health and performance of our diverse service topology has […]

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How to Use Quickteller via Phone IVR


What is IVR? Interactive Voice Response is a phone based platform that allows you dial a specific number which narrates spoken options through which you can carry out a specific action. Therefore, Quickteller IVR is simply another way through which you can access Quickteller by simply calling a phone number and following the step by […]

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What Exactly is the Quickteller App?


You know that awkward moment when your ATM Card despite your having a healthy bank balance suddenly becomes useless? Yes, you are caught out without a kobo and have checked all the ATMs in the area but they are all out of cash; and you really really really need to pay that bill or send […]

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Harlem Shake

That’s right, we have fun too – recursive fun that can overflow the stack. So we put together our own Harlem Shake. Enjoy watching us unleash our inner Lady Gagas and Denreles.

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