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Explaining the Different Ways to Accept Payments via Interswitch

As a business owner, or corporate organisation looking for the best online (and offline) payment mechanism for your business, Interswitch has an array of options that can fulfil this need.

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Quickteller Standard

With this, customers can make payments to you on Quickteller websites (desktop and mobile versions). With a little extra effort on your side, you can also accept payments directly on your website. Once listed on Quickteller, customers can also make payments to you via the various Quickteller channels including ATMs, mobile apps (Android, BlackBerry), SMS, dialing *322# from their phones, or calling in to the Quickteller IVR platform.

Quickteller Standard is ideal for any kind of business as long as back end integration with your systems is not required. You would be able to view reports of payments via paydirectonline.com.

Setup fees: N200,000
Surcharge: N100 charged to payers
Transaction fees: 1.5% charged to you.

Quickteller Premium

This is exactly like Quickteller standard but with the extra feature of direct integration to your back-office systems. This means: just before someone makes payments at any of the Quickteller channels, a web service API message is passed to your system which you can respond to verify and provide extra details of the transaction, also once payment has been made another API message is passed to your systems to execute any house cleaning activities you may require.

Quickteller Premium is ideal for merchants and business owners who require verification and real time updates on payments carried out on their retail site or to their businesses via the above additional systems.

Setup fees: N500,000
Surcharge: N100 charged to payers
Transaction fees: 1.5% charged to you.

Quickteller Basic

This is just like Quickteller Standard, but with the N100 surcharge stripped off and a lower priced setup cost. However, it does attract a higher commission charged to the merchant.
Quickteller Basic is for those looking for a simple payment system which does not hurt the pocket (set up fees are N16,500).

Setup fees: N16,500
Surcharge: NIL
Transaction fees: 3.5% charged to you.

WebPAY Classic

WebPAY Classic is an online collections platform that sits on the merchant or business owner’s website. With this You can accept payments online via your website only. WebPAY Classic offers the simplest on-site collections method and requires that the merchant handles his/her own validation and notification services. Next-day reporting services are also available and funds are remitted to the customer on a T+1 basis. There are no surcharges to the paying customer.

Setup fees: N150,000
Surcharge: NIL
Transaction fees: 1.5% charged to you.

WebPAY Premium:

A more robust version of WebPAY, payments received can be split into several accounts for different products/services offered by the merchant. This solution comes hand-in-hand with real-time reporting services as well as next-day settlement. This service is ideal for the merchant/customer who runs more than one account for collection purposes on a single website and requires end-to-end accuracy and front-end reconciliation.

Setup fees: N1,500,000
Surcharge: NIL
Transaction fees: 1.5% charged to you.


PAYDirect offers the most robust collections system in our stable of products.

Featuring multi-account and multi-bank collections, customers are able to pay across any branch in any bank across the country and have the funds remitted into the nominated account in any of the merchant’s preferred banks.  

PAYDirect is the ideal option for large businesses with special customisation needs that require payments (in cash, cheques, bank drafts and via internal transfers) across all bank branches in Nigeria. This service can also be integrated to the merchant’s billing system for reporting, business intelligence, real-time invoicing and customer activation purposes as well as validation services for customer information and amount due.

PAYDirect can be accessed via the ATM, the internet, POS terminals, internet banking interfaces and mobile phones. It costs N3.5m for the initial set up and attracts transaction charges of 1.5% capped at N2,000 per successfully completed payment. Paying customers at any of the alternate channels are also charged a N100 convenience fee.