Getting Started…

  1. 1.       What is Verve eCash?

-          Verve eCash is a virtual account which is a safe, cost-effective alternative to using a bank debit card for online transactions. Verve eCash has to be pre-funded and as a result only the amount in the account can be spent.

-          The Verve eCash is issued in partnership with Ecobank and Ecobank Mobile Money, as well as with other Financial Institutions and Telcos.

-          It is a virtual prepaid card that gives the user full control of their money and it is not tied to a bank account. Carrying out a transaction using Verve eCash requires only your phone number and PIN.

  1. 2.       How does Verve eCash Work?

-          Works like any debit card would online but only easier.

-          All the customer requires to transact with this eCash is their PIN

-          Verve eCash is a user friendly account and can be used for online transactions after it has been funded

  1. 3.       How is Verve eCash different from a regular bank account?

-          Verve e Account is a virtual account that is not tied to any bank account. It can be used for online and mobile transactions from the comfort of your home and is accessible to you 24/7.

  1. 4.       How much do I need to open the Verve eCash?

-          Opening a Verve eCash is free of charge.

  1. 5.       How long would it take to open a Verve eCash?

-          Once your registration for Verve eCash is done and PIN selection has been performed, the eCash is ready for use i.e. you can now fund the account and proceed to perform transactions.

  1. 6.       How do I get the PIN for my Verve eCash?

-          When activating a Verve eCash or registering for a Verve eCash, you will required to perform a PIN selection.

  1. 7.       Where can I fund my Verve eCash?

-          You can fund a Verve eCash at,, Quickteller mobile applications, at ATMs and at bank branches across Nigeria on the Interswitch network

-          Always provide your Phone Number when asked for your Verve eCash account number.

  1. 8.       How can I fund my eCash on

-          To fund your Verve eCash, you can log on to, and click on Pay to fund the Verve eCash.

-          In the “Phone number” field, please provide the phone number which is also the Verve eCash account number

-          Funding online would be done using debit and prepaid cards or from other eCash.



  1. 9.       How can I fund my eCash on the ATM?

-          To fund at the ATM, Select Quickteller à Select Pay Bills à Select Others à Enter 422222 as the Payment Code à Enter your Phone number (which is the Verve eCash account number) as the Customer Reference Number à then follow the prompt to complete the transaction

  1. 10.   What steps should take if I forget the PIN for my eCash?

-          Please send an email to  or call 01-9065000 and request for a PIN reset

  1. 11.   How many Verve eCashs can I have?

-          Each Verve eCash is tied to one phone number, if one individual requires another Verve eCash he/she would be required to provide an additional phone number.

  1. 12.   Why should I get a Verve eCash?

-          Verve eCash is an efficient and fast way to carry out transactions online transactions without using your main bank Account.

-          It provides the advantage of spending only what you have put aside, instead of spending all that is in your account

-          It enables you to perform quicker transactions because all you need to provide is your PIN

  1. 13.   Is my money safe with Verve eCash?

-          With Verve eCash, you can be assured your money is safe as it is domiciled in an actual sponsor bank.


  1. 1.       How do I access my Verve eCash

-          Once you have activated your Verve eCash, you can access your eCash using the following channels:

  • Dial *322# (for MTN, Airtel and Etisalat) or *805# (for Glo) – USSD
  • Quickteller Mobile applications (Blackberry, Android etc.  Go to to download the applications)
  • Various other Mobile applications
  • Call 08139850002 – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • SMS “QT HELP” to 32122 to see supported commands
  • Online at any of the over 1000 web merchants that accept Verve cards – WebPAY
  1. 2.       What kinds of transactions can I do using my Verve eCash?

-          The Verve eCash can be used on various mobile applications and online wherever a Verve card is accepted:

  • Conveniently buy Airtime top-up for any mobile Phone
  • Make bill payments such as DSTV bills, broadband internet, power bills, LCC toll etc.
  • Book or buy plane tickets
  • School fees
  • Send/Receive Money
  • Merchant Payment
  • etc
  1. 3.       What do I need to do to use my Verve eCash on mobile?

-          Once your eCash has been activated, it can immediately be used on any of the mobile applications that accept Verve eCashs

  1. 4.       What do I need to do to setup my Verve eCash for use on the internet?

-          To use a Verve eCash on the internet, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Create a quickteller account (you would now have a quickteller username and password)
  • When you are about to make a make a payment within WebPAY, login with your Quickteller credentials, Select “Verify Phone number” and provide your phone number (your Verve eCash account number)
  • You will receive an SMS with a passcode, enter that passcode into the WebPAY screen, and then the setup is complete

-          This process would be done only once, and next time you want to do a transaction online, all that you’d need to do is to log-in with your quickteller credentials, select Verve eCash and then provide your PIN

  1. 5.       How do I use my Verve eCash on the internet?

-          After successfully selecting what you want to purchase on the merchant site and you get to WebPAY, log-in with your quickteller credentials, and your Verve eCash would be listed as one of the payment options.  All you need to do is to provide the PIN for your Verve eCash to complete the transaction

-          To know how to setup your Verve eCash for online use, go to the question “What do I need to do to setup my Verve eCash for use on the internet?”

  1. 6.       Is there a transaction limit for the use of Verve eCash?

-          On a daily basis, you can spend a cumulative total of N50,000 and a maximum of 3  purchases and 3 payment(bill payments) transactions.

  1. 7.       Can I use my Verve eCash while I am overseas?

-          Yes, As long as you have internet access and the merchant website you are on accepts Verve eCash you can use it.

  1. 8.       Is there a limit to the amount I can put on the Verve eCash?

-          Verve eCash has a loading limit of N50, 000.  As such you cannot have more than that amount on your card

  1. 9.       Is there a minimum amount I can have on my Verve eCash?

-          No, the Verve eCash does not have a minimum amount that should be domiciled on the account.

  1. 10.   How do I check the balance of my Verve eCash?

-          Dial *322# for MTN, Airtel, and Etisalat subscribers and *805# for GLO subscribers  to find the option to perform a balance enquiry.

-          You can do Balance Enquiry at other Quickteller mobile applications (Blackberry, Android etc)

-          You can also do a balance enquiry on and

  1. 11.   How much does it cost to use a Verve eCash?
  Transaction Type

Transaction Cost

1 Balance Enquiry


2 Airtime Recharge


3 Bill Payments on Quickteller


4 Merchant payments on WebPAY


5 Transfers


  1. 12.   Are there any extra charges on my eCash after registering?

-          No, you are only charged when you carry out a transaction.

-          To know about how much it costs to use an eCash, go to question “How much does it cost to use a Verve eCash?”

  1. 13.   What should I contact if I have any issues when using my Verve eCash?

-          Please send an email to  or call 01-9065000