1.       What is the Interswitch Safetoken Service?
This is a system that generates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated via the Interswitch Web Payment Platform.
The customer’s card would have been previously linked to his phone number for him/her to utilize this service. At the point of initiating a transaction, the customer may receive an OTP via hardware/software devices, grid cards or SMS and then he is required to input this OTP on the web payment platform in order to complete the payment.
The OTP is authorized by the Strong Authentication Server residing either at the switch or at the issuing bank and the transaction is completed as required.

2.      Why do I need the Interswitch Safetoken Service to complete my web payments?
This is needed to permit your transaction that is above the bank set limit go through provided the merchant site is integrated to the Interswitch payment gateway.
3.      When do I need to enter an OTP to complete my web payments?
An OTP is needed at the point of clicking “Pay”. A request for an OTP is triggered and sent to you.
4.      Why can I carry out some transactions without an OTP?
Not all transactions today require an OTP. You are prompted to input an OTP only for transactions the bank considers to be high risk such as instant value transactions.
5.      Why am I prompted to register for the Safetoken service each time I attempt a payment on WebPAY?
This is as a result of the system checking to see if your card resides with us. Once it checks through and sees it’s not there, it prompts the user to input email to get the steps that will guide the registration process.

6.      How else can I get my OTP apart from sending an SMS to the short code specified
Your OTP can be generated by it being sent to your phone automatically or by dialing a short code *322*0# to generate OTP.


7.      What do I do when I still cannot carry out successful payments online even after inputting my OTP?
Check to see if the OTP inputted to complete the transaction matches what was sent.
If this doesn’t, input the correct thing. However if by change the OTP has expired, generate another OTP by sending a text or regenerate an OTP using the short code.
8.      How can I register for the Safetoken service on the ATM?
To register for the service, follow the prompt
Go to the nearest ATM, and insert your ATM card
Input your 4-digit PINand press Enter
Select your bank account type eg Savingsor Current
Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
Enter ‘322222”as the Biller Code
Enter your Phone Numberas the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’
You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1
DO NOT edit the amount to be paid
Click on “Pay amount due”
You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful

9.      Does my OTP expire?
YES, the OTP expires after 9 minutes after it gets to you. Soon as it elapses this time, it expires. Also, when a new OTP is requested, it overrides the previously generated one.

10.   When will I need to enter my OTP?
You need an OTP at the point of consummating a transaction above a certain limit the bank has already set. Example, you are trying to buy airtime above N3000. You will need an OTP to complete this transaction as the approved limit is N3000 and below for transactions in this category.

In addition to this, some banks may set the limit for all categories of transaction to request for OTP.

11.    What do I do when I do not get an SMS with an OTP after requesting for one?
Send a mail to webpay@interswitchng.com for assistance in making sure you get your OTP or dial a short code *322*0# to proceed to getting an OTP.

12.   What do I do when I get the response ‘Invalid OTP’ after entering my OTP on the WebPAY page?
Ensure that the OTP you typed in matches the one sent to your phone and re-enter.

13.   How do I complete a payment without registering for the Safetoken Service?
A payment can be completed without registering for the service provided the amount being consummated is less that the permitted amount for the category of transaction.

 14.   What ATMs can I register for the Safetoken service on?
Transactions can be carried out at any ATM in all states in Nigeria.

15.   Is the OTP generated by the Safetoken service the same as the Interbank Transfer Token issued by my bank?
The OTP generated via this service is different from the interbank transfer token issued to you by your bank to enable you fulfill your internet banking obligations. This OTP is only valid on Interswitch’s WebPAY platform and may not be valid on your bank’s internet banking platform.

16.   Do I get charged for the SMS sent in requesting for OTP?
Yes, you will be charged for every SMS sent to request for an OTP and the amount charged for the SMS depends solely on your Telecoms provider. For customers that were enrolled via their bank, they are to be charged N4 for every successful SMS sent to them while utilizing this service.

17.   Does this Safetoken service allow one to carry out inter-bank money transfers?
Yes. The Safetoken service allows you do interbank transfers provided this is on www.quickteller.com.

18.   How much will I be charged for registering for this service?
The fee for Safetoken registration is N1. However, a bill payment convenience fee of N100 is also deducted for registering for this service via the ATM.

19.   Can I use the OTP generated via the Safetoken service to carry out Interbank transfers too?
Yes, you can. The OTP generated enables you carry interbank transfers via www.quickteller.com using the Send/Receive option available on the website.

20.  What is the difference with registering online and going to the ATM to register for the Safetoken service?
Registering online (via www.quickteller.com) will mean that your bank will need to approve your registration request before you will be able to utilize the service. As long as your registration attempt is not approved, you will be unable to utilize the service.
Registering via the ATM on the other hand, means your registration request is automatically approved and you will be able to utilize the service once you are able to register successfully via the ATM.
Registering at your bank is also an option. You will be required to fill some forms at the nearest branch of your bank so they can process your request.

21.  What should I send to 30010 as SMS?
The details of what should make up the SMS you are sending to 30010 will be displayed on the webpage for you to see at the point of initiating a transaction.

22.  Please what do I do if my ATM card is broken and I want to activate my OTP?
You will be required to have your ATM card in full before you can register for the service. If your card is broken, please request for another one from your bank to enable you register successfully on the ATM.

23.  I want to register on the ATM, please what is customer reference number?
The Customer Reference Number to be inputted at the point of registering is the mobile telephone number that belongs to the customer that is trying to register eg 08000000000