How do I Transfer Money?

To check transfer money, use the following steps
(On Android, Blackberry & Java)
1. Ensure that you have successfully registered your Verve card at an ATM or You have been enrolled for Safetoken by your bank
2. From the Home menu,select the “Transfer To Bank Account” menu
3. On the “Transfer To Bank Account” Page, choose the bank, the account type, enter the account number and the amount and press the “Next>” button
4. Confirm that you have provided the correct details and press the ”Next>” button
5. On the following screen, select the bank card you would like to use to complete the transaction
6. Enter your Expiry Date(if prompted), CVV2 and PIN and press the “Transfer” button

Note the following:
1.There is a N100.00 surcharge that applies to this payment.
2.You can transfer a maximum of N1,000,000 per day. However, limits set by you bank overrides this.


  1. Femi Anifowose

    Goood day, pls I tried to send money to someone’s account but the transaction is not going through displaying “Transaction failed” and whereas its the first time Im doing the transaction

  2. Pamela Iso

    Please, l would like to know what this means – You have exceeded the maximum transaction limit set by your bank for this type of transaction, because l have tried three times to send money to different accounts but it still gives me the same message even when l bring down the amount am sending to 5,000.
    How do l know the amount set by my bank?

  3. Babatunde Okunowo

    Please, kindly help me solve this riddle. I am a customer of GTB. For quite a while now I’d being facing the challenges of sending money through the quickteller service port via the internet without any success. I had been doing that in the past without experiencing any problem, but all of a sudden right from the beginning of this year this problem started. It had created lot of difficulty for me going to my bank in order to transfer funds from my bank to other banks, even within my bank. At the end of each of the failed transaction the messages being displayed had always been ‘Your payment was not successful. You have exceeded the maximum transaction limit set by your bank for this type of transaction’.
    Please I would appreciate it if this problem I’m experiencing is solved.

    1. Sabinus


      We apologise for this huge inconvenience. Funds transfers on GTBank cards have been disabled for sometime now. However using the Verve eCash you can still transfer your funds easily and more conveniently from your phone with only a four digit password.
      To read more about verve eCash simply click the link below.

      Sign up for your Verve eCash here->

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