How to Fund/Load Your Verve eCash.

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Have you signed up for Verve eCash? You have? Cool!!

Now, there are 3 easy ways to fund your Verve eCash:


  1. Go to our Verve Ecash page
  2. Click on Pay
  3. In the “Phone number” field, enter your phone number
    (this is your Verve eCash number)
  4. Complete the payment using any of your ATM cards

At the ATM:

  1. Select Quickteller
  2. Select Pay Bills
  3. Select Others
  4. Enter 422222 as the Payment Code
  5. Enter your Phone number as the Customer Ref. Number
    (this is the Verve eCash account number)
  6. Then follow the prompts to complete the transaction

At Ecobank Branches:

Just walk into any Ecobank branch and ask to credit your Verve eCash by specifying your Verve eCash number (i.e. the telephone number with which you created the account).


Thank you for choosing Verve!


For more information:

Read to find out How to Make Easy Payments with Verve eCash.


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