How to Use Quickteller via Phone IVR


What is IVR? Interactive Voice Response is a phone based platform that allows you dial a specific number which narrates spoken options through which you can carry out a specific action. Therefore, Quickteller IVR is simply another way through which you can access Quickteller by simply calling a phone number and following the step by step voice prompts to buy airtime, transfer funds and pay bills!

And guess what?
You do not need to have a phone with connection to the internet i.e. 3G or EDGE to use it as long as you have registered your Verve Card for Safetoken with the same phone number!

To use: Just dial 08139850002 and follow carefully the voice prompts to complete a transaction.

To complete a transaction, the Quickteller IVR system gives you the following:

  1. the option to pay with your registered card (if only you have registered for Verve Card for Safetoken) or
  2. the option to Pay at
Upon selecting Option 1, the platform calls up your registered card details and then uses the Remember Card feature for Verve Card which requires you to only enter your PIN & CVV2 to complete the transaction.

Upon selecting Option 2, an SMS with a URL/link to the WebPay page will be sent to your phone to complete the transaction. However, you must have a phone with connection to the internet i.e. 3G or EDGE to access the link.

At every stage you will be asked to confirm whether or not you would like to go ahead with the instruction, giving you control.

Please note that regular subscriber call rates apply.

Should you have a problem kindly contact or call 01-9065000.

So continue to carry out your transactions with Quickteller online or offline :)


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