We have introduced Business Support Marketer (BSM) for RetailPay which gives you the chance to earn as high as 20% when you recruit customers to use Retailpay. This is in the bid to provide our customers with an easy and reliable business management solution as well as reward them for helping to drive our business growth.

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As a BSM, you are eligible to resell Retailpay , allowing you to  earn additional income when you refer Retailpay to friends, business partners, colleagues and family.

Upon registration, you get a month free for becoming a user as well as for  referring a friend.

It only gets better. For the first level of customers you recruit directly, you will earn 15% of their monthly subscription each time they subscribe. When the customer you recruited refers someone else (third party), you get an additional 5% of their (third party) monthly subscription. That is a solid 20% reward!!

Putting it in perspective;

If you introduce Helen to Retailpay, you get 15% from Helen’s subscription and when Helen refers Hassan, Helen will get 15% of Hassan’s subscription and you get 5% of Hassan’s subscription. Yes!! It is that easy!!

For more information, log on to and check out the video below


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