Introducing: Verve eCash for Quickteller!

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Has your payment transaction on Quickteller ever failed? Have you ever received one of those “Transaction not permitted to the cardholder” or any of the other error messages at the point of payment? Do you want a quicker and more convenient way to pay on Quickteller? Then this is for you!

Courtesy of Verve InternationalVerve eCash is a virtual card that works just like your regular debit/ATM card on Quickteller. However, it also guarantees a greater success rate on your transactions and all you need is your mobile phone number and a 4-digit PIN!

How to Get it:

Signing up is easy! If you are a registered user of Quickteller simply use your Quickteller user details to sign up. If not, just provide your details – name, email address, mobile number, physical address, password and a 4digit PIN  - and you’re done!


  1. You will be prompted to opt-in for Verve eCash if you have a failed transaction on Quickteller.
  2. Log-in with your Quickteller details.
  3. Your Quickteller details are displayed
  4. Choose a 4-digit PIN
  5. This PIN just like your ATM/debit card PIN should be known to you alone
  6. Click ‘Activate eCash’
  7. A verification token will be sent to your mobile phone number
  8. Enter the token
  9. Click “Verify my number”
  10. Once verified, a Verve eCash is created for you!
Alternatively, just click HERE to get Verve eCash now!


Points to Note:

When signing up you are required to enter a chosen 4-digit PIN. Your PIN is important as each time you decide to pay with your Verve eCash you will be required to key it in, just like you would if you were using a physical debit card, except that this time, there are no CVV2expiry dates, and card numbers to memorise or key in!
The maximum you can have on your Verve eCash is N250k and the maximum amount you can fund in a day is N50k. So think of it as a budget/expense control account….or a slush fund if you will!


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to access
  • More secure with a N250k load limit
  • Aids budget/expense control
  • Can act as emergency funds
  • Greater transaction success 


  • Virtual & pre-funded account
  • Requires only a PIN to use
  • Bank account ownership not required
  • ATM card ownership not required
  • Tied to a unique phone number
  • Used for online and mobile payments/transactions
  • Ensures greater transaction success



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Thank you for choosing Verve eCash!


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