It’s Finally Here!! The Quickteller Apps for Nokia Asha, Windows Phone & iPhone!!!!



You asked! You pleaded! You begged! You advised! You threatened!

…..And we listened!! :)

The Quickteller App is now available for….wait for it….. Nokia Asha, Windows Phone and Apple iPhones!

To download the Quickteller App, simply do any of the following:

  • For Windows phones click here
  • For Nokia Asha phones click here
  • For iPhones click here

Then all you need to carry out transactions is an ATM Card (preferably a Verve Card for greater convenience) issued and activated for Safetoken by your bank. Please see download and activation guide here.

So join thousands of other Quickteller App users! Buy airtime, pay those bills and transfer funds with ease and convenience with the Quickteller App!


Please follow this blog for more information and tips on the Quickteller App. ;)


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  1. Nosa

    Hello there,
    The “refresh data” on iOS app for iPhones does not appear to be effective. I registered new ATM cards for SAFETOKEN but they are not reflected on payment methods in the app no matter how many times you refresh.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Nosa, thank you for downloading the Quickteller App. Pls note that you cannot add multiple cards issued by the same bank on the app. They have to be from different banks. However, if the cards you are trying to add are from different banks, kindly send an email with your details to or call 01-9065000.

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