Make Payments Quicker – Quickteller introduces the E-wallet

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane people. You’re browsing the web and you spot a fantastic tote bag/pair of platforms that would look amazing with that blue top you own. Or the Premiership is starting tomorrow and your DSTV subscription expires today…

Cue trumpets and LET THE HUNT BEGIN! And by hunt, I mean searching through the jungle of your belongings to locate the card you need to make payment.

Fine, maybe you’re the more organized type, you still have to face the tedious task of typing in the Card number, correcting the one number you missed, re-reading what you typed, etc. before finally sending the payment. Well Quickteller has got a fix for all that.

Introducing eWallet, a fix for no card drama brought to you by Quickteller eWallet safely stores your card details  removing the stress of having to input your card details EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to make a transaction. This ensures a secure, faster  and more convenient checkout Not bad right? To add your cards to your eWallet, just go to (You need to login to your account).

But there’s more! Do you enjoy movies? Need free tickets for that hot date? Well when you sign up for eWallet, you stand the chance to win movie tickets and exciting prizes via Facebook and Twitter.

The first 8 people to reach a 30 retweets and the first 8 people to hit a 30 shares on Facebook win 2 FREE TICKETS to the movies, instantly!

Just missed the 8th spot? Relax as retweets or image shares over 60 can win airtime and other sweet, sweet prizes! So get sharing and enjoy a free one (or two) on us.

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