Make Quicker Transactions on Quickteller with eWallet!

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It is our number one priority to ensure that you experience seamless transactions every time you use Quickteller. With this in mind, we are glad to introduce to you the newest Quickteller Feature “eWallet”

Located at the top right corner as soon as you log on to, this feature gives you immediate access to view all your cards (Verve, MasterCard and Visa) including your Verve eCash.

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You can also:

  • Manage all your cards from one place at a time:- All card types (Verve, MasterCard, Visa) and your Verve eCash can be viewed and managed at the same time.
  • Enable/disable your Verve card from using it abroad:- You can easily enable your cards for international transactions or disable it
  • Perform card-less transactions at the ATM:- Wouldn’t it be fantastic to leave your cards at home and yet still be able to withdraw money at the ATM?

This feature has a lot you need to explore.

If you are currently registered for safe token all your cards automatically appear if not, simply click the “Add New Card” button to the right.

ewallet add card

Fill in the required information, agree to the terms and conditions and finally click the Add Card Button.

A debit is made on your account and an immediate prompt pops up for you to verify the value.

Please note: The value debited is for verification purposes, you are immediately credited back the value to your eCash. (No charge is made for registering)

It is really exciting. Visit, add your cards and let’s know what you think.

One more thing, if you can not see the eCash/eWallet icon at all, do not be alarmed. It only means you are not registered to use eCash yet. Click here to register now!

We’ll appreciate your feedback on this do send us an email on or call 01-9065000.

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