Paying for Your Book On Hold Flight Tickets, the Quickteller Way.

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Even I did not understand how this worked until a few seconds ago but trust me it is pretty easy! :)

Imagine that you want to fly from Lagos to Abuja to attend your cousin’s wedding in a month. Now we all know that the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight ticket, but unfortunately you are short of money at that exact moment. So what do you do? You go ahead and book the flight on hold, either on the airline’s or travel agent’s website or mobile site while you source the money to pay. Then you call your friend or colleague to help you out.

This is where Quickteller comes in!

Now instead of asking your friend to transfer the money to your account first and then you rushing off to the airline’s office to pay, you can save a lot of time by simply asking your colleague to pay on your behalf via:

where in each case the payer enters the booking reference number generated (as the customer reference number) during the book on hold process. The payer is also required to provide his email address through which he/she will receive a payment confirmation. Once the airline receives confirmation of payment, the electronic ticket will be sent to your email as provided during the original book on hold process.

This way you ensure that you save money on the ticket and pay in the easiest and most convenient way possible!!

The airlines and travel agents directly available on Quickteller are:

  1. Aero Contractors,
  2. Arik Air,
  3. Dana Air,
  4. HAK Air,
  5. Med-View Airlines,
  6. SlimTrader,
  7. TravelStart and
  8. Wakanow

So where ever you buy your tickets…. either the airline’s or travel agent’s website or mobile site, Quickteller provides convenient Book On Hold payments as shown below:

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Try it!

Quickteller. Simple. Smart. Convenient. ;)


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