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Pls how can I register my verve card to be able to make payments online via quick teller.

asked September 15, 2014

1 Answer

You dont need to register your verve card. All u need is to set up your safetoken. 

On how to setup safe token, read below:

Er, yes, no N30 SMS required here!

There are 3 additional ways to get the OTP for your online payment transaction:

1. From the Quickteller App for free!

2. Via USSD by dialing *322*0#

3. Via Your Email

From the Quickteller App for free!:

1. Launch the app

2. Select and click ‘Generate Safetoken’

3. Choose the card you want out of your list of registered ATM cards displayed

4. Click, and a few seconds later….your OTP is displayed

5. Enter the OTP on the WebPAY platform to complete your payment

Please note that you must have successfully downloaded the Quickteller App and your ATM card must have been registered for Safetoken.



1. Dial *322*0# using the number registered

2. A display on the various cards you have from different banks shows

3. Select the bank you wish OTP to be generated for by typing the number it is ie. 1, 2 etc

4. OTP is generated

5. Enter OTP on the WebPAY platform to complete your payment

*Please note that regular USSD subscriber rates may apply.

Via Your Email:

Upon requesting for your ATM card to be activated by your bank, you can instruct your bank to send your OTP via email alone.


Please note that your ATM card must have been successfully registered for Safetoken by your bank specifying the dedicated mobile phone number and/or email. We cannot emphasize this enough!

Remember to keep your ATM card, mobile phone and PIN to yourself at all times. Do not share these with anyone.

For more information on Safetoken pls read:

1. Safetoken Service

2. Registered for Safetoken? The Screen Prompts You May Encounter

3. No, Seriously, Why You Should Have Your Card Enabled for SafeToken


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