What are the possible reasons for a “Z1″


Dear Interswitch,

Kindly update us on the last enquiry: What are the possible reasons for a  ”Z1″: responseMessage = “Transaction Error” response?

Dear Amaechi,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your email.

Z1 is used to masked failed responses. However, upon a callback (getTransaction call) the description is returned.

Below are the scenario that may cause the error.

  • When there is an issue with debiting a customer’s reward
  • The validation on the cmpi lookup phase from cardinal was not successful
  • The customer did not provide any card details in the request
  • The customer has exceeded the allotted session time for the transaction
  • The customer cancelled on the 3D secure page
  • The request did not get past the PAY page
  • The customer clicked on the back button on the browser from the OTP page or the customer card details could not be validated
  • When the customer clicks the back button or refreshes the browser after clicking the pay button.
  • When user  login to WebPAY to retrieve verve wallet with incorrect login details.

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Category: asked July 22, 2016

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