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Quickteller now sells events tickets! (About time too….)

Quickteller Tickets in partnership with Ariiyatickets now offers event tickets for top billed shows, musical concerts, stage plays, comedy nights, conferences, events and seminars on Quickteller. So all you need to do is to either visit our website, or visit an ATM to make payment for the particular event ticket you are interested in.

So let’s say that you’ve heard that tickets to The 12 Days of Christmas Comedy Show are available on Quickteller, how do you go about buying a ticket? Simples!


To Pay for an Event Ticket on Quickteller.com

1.   Visit Quickteller.com

i.  Click on the “Make Payments” Box

ii. Click on the Select a Service Category drop down list

iii. Click on “Event Tickets”

Or just click


iv.  Each event is displayed as an Event Box

v.  Click on the Event Box of choice

vi.  Enter your email address and click “Continue”

vii.  The ticket “Amount” and a Convenience fee of N100.00 will be displayed

viii.  In the case of different ticket pricing, select the one you want

ix.  Click “Pay”

x.  The WebPay payment gateway will open to complete payment.

xi. Ticket is sent to specified email and serves as a gate pass to the event



To Pay for an Event Ticket on Quickteller via ATM

  1. Visit an ATM
  2. Insert ATM card
  3. Select “Quickteller”
  4. Select “Pay Bills”
  5. Select “Others”
  6. Enter Payment or Biller Code
  7. Enter your mobile phone number as Customer Ref. Number
  8. Details are displayed
  9. Select “Proceed”
  10. Confirmation of payment SMS is received on entered mobile phone number
  11. An eticket is sent to mobile phone by event vendor
  12. Eticket SMS serves as gate pass to the live event.


So get cracking. Visit Quickteller.com to see what events are happening, pay with ease, show up at the venue, sit back and enjoy yourself!

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