Quickteller/Airtel Instant Airtime Bonus!!

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Quickteller is at it again….Quickteller/Airtel Instant Airtime bonus!!

  • Are you an Airtel subscriber?
  • Has it been over 3 months since you last recharged on Quickteller?
  • Or do you top up your Airtel line regularly on Quickteller?

If your answer is “YES” to the questions above then you are going to love this!!!

From August 1 to August 31st 2014, Quickteller is rewarding all Airtel recharges /airtime purchases done via any of the Quickteller platforms i.e. Quickteller web, Quickteller App, Quickteller USSD (*356#) and Quickteller at the ATM with an instant bonus!

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This is how it works:

For New Airtel Recharges / Our long lost customers

If you are an Airtel subscriber and have never purchased airtime or have not purchased airtime in the last three months,via any of the Quickteller platforms you get 100% instant bonus on voice calls on whatever amount purchased.

So if you buy N500 and you get N500 free…buy N5,000 and get N5,000 free!


For Regular Airtel Recharges

Our current active users are not left out on the freebies. Keep recharging using any of the Quickteller platforms and get 10% instant bonus on voice calls too.

So when you buy N500 and you get N50 free….buy N5,000 and get N500 free!

How awesome is that?!


The Quickteller platforms are:

  1. Quickteller USSD – Just dial *356#
  2. Quickteller.com
  3. Quickteller App
  4. Quickteller at the ATM 



For constant buyers, to view the instant 10% bonus, dial *223# from your phone. while our long lost customers can view their 100% bonus by simply dialing *123*69#

Terms and conditions:

  1. Bonus airtime is valid for only 3 days
  2. Qualified customers can recharge several times within the month and still get airtime bonus for each time they recharge
  3. Bonus airtime can only be used for Airtel voice calls
  4. Bonus airtime cannot be transferred out to another customer via Me2U
  5. Bonus airtime will be exhausted before customer can make use of the main airtime
  6. Offer runs from July 10 to August 10, 2014

So go dust up that Airtel line now and come enjoy in this Quickteller/Airtel instant Airtime Bonus.


Quickteller. Simple. Smart. Convenient.



  1. Ayodeji

    I just recharged 1500 naira now and i dialed *123*69# but instead of 100% bonus i saw 150 naira. is this a scam?

    1. Sabinus


      No its not sir, It only means you are an active Quickteller user. The 100% instant bonus applies to those that have not recharged in the last 3 months or those that have not used Quickteller before.

      Thanks for choosing Quickteller.

  2. Stanley

    I have replied that this is a scam as there isn’t any bonus. It makes no sense to advertise a promo when there’s none.

  3. Oladoye Oladapo

    I but etisalat airtime yesterday night which is #500 nd i did not see anything in my account and i received an alert from my Bank that #500 has reduct from my accound which i didnt see anything pls do someting about it fast am OLADOYE MATTHEW OLADAPO STANBICIBTCBANK account holder.


    Is this for real or a scam… because i keep getting…. “section temporary unavailable” … just after confirming amount to be recharged…. mcheeew !!


    This is truly a scam!!!!!!!!! i just recharged my airtel line via quick teller and i didn’t get any 100% bonus.

    THIS IS PURE RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sabinus


      The 100% bonus applies only to those that have not used Quickteller before or if you have not used it in the last 3 months. If you fall in that category please dial *123*69# to view your 100% instant bonus. However if you are a current Quickteller you get 10% instant bonus for every Airtel recharge purchase on Quickteller. To view your 10% dial *223#

      There is no scam. Many have confirmed it. Please try again. :)

  6. Idris Bida

    Frankly speaking, since i started using quickteller, i became relieved, especially having to queue in the bank and at DSTV office to make payments.

    1. Sabinus


      Thanks for using Quickteller. You got 10% because you are have used Quickteller in the last 3 months. 100% bonus is for first-timers on Quickteller or those that have not used it in the last 3months


  7. ShaddyB

    Pls quickteller , I paid for gotv subscription up till now I cannot view any channel. This are my details. GoTV payment of NGN 1,500.00 for 2005083405 was successful. REF: 999952342262.

  8. Ochuko King

    Please there is no SCAM on Quickteller, I use Quick teller for all my online buying and selling… Booking of flight to paying my Dstv subscription… And I recharge every time with Quick teller. I get my bonus when ever I do.

    1. Sabinus


      That’s because it worked only for the Airtel promo we ran earlier.

      Please dial *805# for Glo and *322# for all others.


  9. Yemi O

    Quickteller is a relief. From airtime purchase to paying Cable Tv bills and to transfer to other banks.
    Is there any connectivity issue between the entire Access bank accounts and some GT Bank account and quickteller.com? My transfers have never been successful to any access bank account.
    Thank you.

    1. Sabinus

      Yemi hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller and your words of encouragement. Funds transfer transactions initiated from GTBank and Ecobank cards do not currently work on Quickteller. Should you have other enquiries kindly send an email to consumersupport@interswitchng.com with the details or call 01-9065000.

  10. idara

    pls I recharged since on Sunday but hav nt been credited but my bank account has been debited
    09030168468 dats my number pls do something 1500 is not a small moni

  11. Opeyemi

    I love quickteller. Makes life easier for me. I was about to build a website like this, then I discoverd quickteller. Kudos!

  12. Pst Davidson


    N100 fee charge on payment made for Startimes recharge in the sum of N1,000 represents 10%. It is too outrageous a charge and very discouraging. Please review percentage chargeable to discourage direct payment whose charges are negotiable based on relationship.

    Thank you.

    Pastor Davidson

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