Remember Me! for Mastercard

We heard your feedback and in a show of our commitment to providing the most convenient online payment experience for everyone.

We gave it some thought….hmmm…. OK; let’s do remember me for MasterCard

Registered users with Quickteller accounts using MasterCard registered for OTP will see a friendly surprise. Yes you can now save some time using your MasterCard on Quickteller!

Feature is already available for you to enjoy and spread the good news.


  • Faster and more convenient
  • Only CVV2 and PIN are required
  • Safe and secure as it uses Quickteller login & One Time Password
  • Ties all your ATM cards to your unique phone number
  • Available on and
  • Available on partner sites using webpay (login in with your quickteller credentials to use your saved card)

If you have a MasterCard and want to enjoy Remember Card when carrying out transactions, visit your bank and request your card be registered for One Time Password.

How it works:

  1. Register your Mastercard card for One Time Password at your bank.
  2. Login with your Quickteller details (i.e. username and password). If you do not have one, create one at
  3. Verify the phone number provided with your Quickteller profile.

Please note:

A One-Time Password (OTP) is required to complete transactions.

You can register all of your cards for OTP using the same unique phone number.

What it will look like:

When you have successfully registered your Mastercard Card for OTP this is what your “Select a Card” screen will look like


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