Renew your MTN BB & Other Device Data Plans on Quickteller!


Did you know that on and with your ATM card you can automatically renew your MTN BlackBerry data plans as well as data plans for your other phones and devices on the MTN network?

Yes, you can!!

For MTN VTU Plus Blackberry:

MTN VTU Plus BlackBerry New

  1. Visit
  2. Select your BB plan and click “Pay”
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Click on “Next”
  5. Confirm Amount and click “Pay”
  6. Choose your payment option to complete payment


For MTN VTU Plus Data Plans (for other devices):

MTN VTU Plus Other Devices Data Plan

  1. Visit
  2. Select your data plan and click “Pay”
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Click on “Next”
  5. Confirm Amount and click “Pay”
  6. Choose your payment option to complete payment


We are not done!

Payment for MTN VTU Plus Services are also available on the Quickteller App.

Quickteller App MTN VTU Plus Services

Quickteller App MTN VTU Plus Services

  1. Launch the App on your phone
  2. Click “Make a Payment”
  3. Scroll down and click “MTN VTU Plus Services
  4. Select your desired option – MTN VTU Plus Blackberry, MTN VTU Plus Data Plan or MTN VTU Plus Hynet
  5. Click your data plan
  6. Enter your phone number
  7. Confirm the Amount displayed
  8. Confirm Transaction and click “Next”
  9. Choose your payment option to complete payment


Please note that your data plan is automatically renewed as soon as payment has been made.

So say goodbye to downtimes or “going dark” on your mobile. Stay connected always with simple, fast and convenient VTU payments on



    1. Sabinus

      Muyideen hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller! Your PIN is the same as your ATM card PIN. Please be informed that the CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2) is the 3-digit number found at the back of your card. However, in cases where there are more than 3-digits at the back of the card, the CVV2 is the last 3 digits.

      Kindly visit our blog for more information on this:

  1. Joy

    Yes! quickteller is so swift. i have never liked online payment, i would rather do it physically but my sister introduced quickteller to me and i decided to give it a try. Paid my dstv subcription thru it last-night and i was pleased with the result.
    Welldone guys!

    1. Sabinus

      Thank you Joy! Keep using Quickteller to pay your bills, buy airtime, renew your data plans and transfer funds. Do spread the word. :)

  2. Az

    I was glad the 1st time I used it on ma fone,it isn’t so great anymore,the mobile view of the site isn’t so cool…I cudnt tell wat I was subscribing for when I see same price tag(#2000) but diff plans on the mtn vtu data
    Pls which one is for the 3gb nite(9pm-6am) plan…the 1st #2000 or the 2nd?

    1. Sabinus

      Happy New Year to you Az! Thank you for choosing Quickteller! Thank you for your observation as well. Pls use the second N2,000 plan for the 3GB Night (9pm-6am) plan.

      1. Az

        Same to u and thanks for the info…
        It seems u’re more helpful than the customer service mail of quickteller,I sent em an email of a problem I had with one of my transactions and they havn’t get back to me all day long,may be u can help…
        I paid to subscribe for mtn bis weekly plan on jan 1,though I had an active Bis plan which was due to xpire later that day,so mtn was unable to accept the subscription plan but my money was deducted…I kinda need the money returned.Do help,Thanks

        1. Sabinus

          Az hi, we are glad we could be of help. With respect to the failed transaction you have to route it through our customer care team as you have done. Pls exercise some patience and they will definitely get back to you. Thank you for choosing Quickteller. :)

    1. Sabinus

      Anny hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller! You should either download the Quickteller App since you’d like to purchase from your phone or use our mobile site, log in with your details and search using “MTN” to see the data VTU payment options.

  3. monica

    Hello. I just subscribed for my mtn bis of 1500. Yet it still doesn’t work. Im calling mtn and they arent answering. I need my bis to work please. Its still showing BIS

  4. Dayo

    I have been using Quickteller to pay for my DSTV subscriptions through advance payments of up to 3months. Please can I make advance payment for monthly data plans for android(I-Pad) devices.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Dayo, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Which of the telcos would you like to make advance payments for?

    1. Sabinus


      Depending on the type of phone you are using, simply visit Andriod store, Blackberry world or itunes store to download the Quickteller app for free.

      Lets know how it goes.


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