Safetoken? OTP? Transaction Limits? For Your Protection!

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Above are some of the terms you may have been coming across (recently) as either a user of Quickteller or the WebPAY payment gateway. But what do they all mean? Why and how do they affect your online transaction payment process? We will attempt to provide answers to these questions and more in the next few lines.

First, you may agree that the Number 1 fear of anyone carrying out payments on-line is fraud and theft of funds in one’s account. Therefore, to check against this and to boost your confidence in on-line payments platforms, the Safetoken Service which generates and sends a One-Time Password (OTP) to your registered mobile phone and/or email address required for the completion of a payment transaction, was put in place by the banks together with Interswitch to ensure greater security of the payment process.

Furthermore, certain transaction limits were put in place. For instance, airtime purchase is limited to a maximum daily amount of N50,000 for banks whose ATM cards have been registered for Safetoken OTP. Customers whose bank cards are not registered for Safetoken OTP are limited to a daily airtime purchase of N3,000 only.

However, transaction limits for Safetoken vary…

  1. from bank to bank
  2. according to the category of website and
  3. type of payment transaction being carried out.

This is why you would have noticed that sometimes when carrying out different types of transactions on and other websites, you may or may not be required to enter an OTP or the limits may differ.

To explain this, we have provided a snapshot below for the different banks and their different requirements for Safetoken/OTP:

Double Click and Scroll to Bottom to Enlarge

Double Click and Scroll to Bottom to Enlarge

As long as your bank has registered you for Safetoken, an OTP will be sent to your phone or email address. If not you will be prompted to send an SMS to 32122 to receive the OTP; this costs N30 only.


However, you can get your Safetoken for free:

1. From the Quickteller App



2. Via USSD by dialing *322*0# (telco charges may apply)

3. Via Your Email (please request this option from your bank)

If you do not receive your OTP after trying out these options, please send an email to us at or call us on 01-9065000. GTBank card holders should please contact GTConnect on 0700-482666328, 234-1-4480000, 08029002900, or 08039003900 if the OTP is not received.


We hope this sheds some light on each case scenario and helps for a better understanding of Safetoken vis-à-vis transaction limits set for your own protection. Again, Safetoken/OTP and transaction limits have been put in place for your protection as part of the mandatory regulatory compliance by the CBN (read


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Here’s to a fraud free future! Cheers!


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    1. Sabinus

      Aderonke hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. To change your Quickteller password, kindly log in to Quickteller and then click on the drop down arrow next to the profile icon which then displays your name and email address. Click on “Change Password”, enter your current password and proceed to enter your new password as desired.

  1. Joshadeshina

    Hello, I’ve been trying to transfer some funds since last night but the quick teller website always tells me that ‘You have exceeded the maximum transaction limit for the day’ without performing any transaction before that time, please how do I fix this problem?

  2. olasupo

    please, how do I recover my login password on quickteller? I’ve been trying re-register my card and this is what is showing on my screen…(virtual card already registered with another wallet)

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