Softly, Softly Enter that Number!


Using Quickteller requires keying-in or the entry of lots of numbers….telephone numbers, account numbers, smartcard numbers etc. and in our experience we find that sometimes mistakes do happen with our users. For instance, topping up airtime into 08023381223 instead of 08023331223. When this happens getting your credit back can be a long thing especially if the owner of the wrongly credited line speaks a different language than you do.

In the case of the above there is very little we can do.


Another instance is where the wrong account number is entered in the case of funds transfers.  We acknowledge that we do not currently have an account number recognition and validation system for all the banks. However, we are currently working on having this feature for all the banks on Quickteller. However, in the interim, we implore you to take your time to enter the number, check and crosscheck to ensure that the number is correct. In the case where the wrong account is credited, we collaborate with the banks involved to ensure a reversal. But what if the account holder has debited his account? Another long thing.

So dear users, softly, softly enter that number!


Thank you for choosing Quickteller! ;)


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