Not Getting Your Airtime? We Promise to Do Better!


Ok, sometimes even the best laid plans can go awry. Things beyond our control occur and although you have been debited, the purchased credit just refuses to drop into your phone. Now this failure may occur for a variety of reasons, outside our control, and despite our best efforts. We end up with egg on our […]

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What You Will See When You Dial *322# or *805# (Quickteller USSD)

2. List of Transaction Types

Now that you have heard the message of the alternative Quickteller USSD platform (for non-smartphones), we have gone ahead and put together some of the screens that you may encounter whenever you dial *322# (for Airtel, Etisalat & MTN subscribers) or *805# (for Glo subscribers) to purchase airtime, transfer funds or pay bills!   Let’s […]

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How to Use Quickteller via SMS


With all the noise we have been making about the Quickteller App and Safetoken, we may have drowned out the fact that transactions on Quickteller can actually be carried out via SMS! As long as your card has been registered for the Safetoken Service, either by yourself or by your bank, you do not require […]

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What Exactly is the Quickteller App?


You know that awkward moment when your ATM Card despite your having a healthy bank balance suddenly becomes useless? Yes, you are caught out without a kobo and have checked all the ATMs in the area but they are all out of cash; and you really really really need to pay that bill or send […]

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