Safetoken? OTP? Transaction Limits? For Your Protection!

Safetoken text  graphic

  Above are some of the terms you may have been coming across (recently) as either a user of Quickteller or the WebPAY payment gateway. But what do they all mean? Why and how do they affect your online transaction payment process? We will attempt to provide answers to these questions and more in the […]

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3 Great Ways to Get Your Safetoken OTP!!!


Er, yes, no N30 SMS required here! There are 3 additional ways to get the OTP for your online payment transaction: 1. From the Quickteller App for free! 2. Via USSD by dialing *322*0# 3. Via Your Email   For more information on Safetoken pls read: 1. Safetoken Service 2. Registered for Safetoken? The Screen […]

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Presenting: the Remember Card Feature for Verve Cards!

card (1)

  Here at Quickteller, we are constantly trying to figure out ways to make the on-line payment experience a bit more convenient, while at the same time maintaining the security and safety of transactions. One time-consuming feature repeatedly came to mind: why do users have to repeatedly enter their full card details each and every […]

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