Paying for your Book On Hold Ticket via Quickteller IVR


To pay for your Book on Hold ticket via Quickteller IVR please follow the following steps: Dial  08139850002 Press 3 for Bills Payment Press 6 to Enter the Payment Code e.g. 215161 for Aero website book on hold (pls see table below for all payment codes) Enter Customer Number which is the Booking Reference Number […]

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The OTHER Quickteller Platforms and Scenarios for Usage


Quickteller App!! Quickteller mobile site! So what happens to those of us who do not have smartphones? Eh? What happens? Well, you aren’t left out as Quickteller is accessible via USSD, IVR and SMS which do not require a 3G/Edge internet connection or a smartphone to use, as long as your card has been […]

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What Exactly is the Quickteller App?


You know that awkward moment when your ATM Card despite your having a healthy bank balance suddenly becomes useless? Yes, you are caught out without a kobo and have checked all the ATMs in the area but they are all out of cash; and you really really really need to pay that bill or send […]

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