3 Great Ways to Get Your Safetoken OTP!!!


Er, yes, no N30 SMS required here! There are 3 additional ways to get the OTP for your online payment transaction: 1. From the Quickteller App for free! 2. Via USSD by dialing *322*0# 3. Via Your Email   For more information on Safetoken pls read: 1. Safetoken Service 2. Registered for Safetoken? The Screen […]

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Presenting: the Remember Card Feature for Verve Cards!

card (1)

  Here at Quickteller, we are constantly trying to figure out ways to make the on-line payment experience a bit more convenient, while at the same time maintaining the security and safety of transactions. One time-consuming feature repeatedly came to mind: why do users have to repeatedly enter their full card details each and every […]

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