The New Quickteller Website: Presenting 11 Snazzy New Features, Bells & Whistles! (Part 1)

Home Page

Ok! So on October 1, we unveiled our new look website and presented a first time opportunity to you, our dear customers to use and test the site. We received loads of great feedback via email, Twitter and Facebook and we plugged them into the new look site. Now the site has been up for a couple of weeks and we would like to share with you the new features, whistles and “ghen ghen” that it offers as against the old site. So hold on to your ATM cards as you just might be tempted to carry out a transaction or two!

Ok, here we go! ((((Drumroll)))


1.     A New Uncluttered GUI Layout

An “at-a-glance” series of well organised & labelled square and rectangular coloured boxes which serve as quick shortcut icons to the specific feature function sought such as Register for new users, Sign in for existing users, Mobile Recharge, Receive Money, Make Payments, FAQs, Facebook & Twitter links etc. Looks simple and pretty. No more text clutter and greatly reduces scroll time.

Home Page

Home Page



2.    A New Powerful Search Button Feature (of Life)

A fully intelligent & robust Search field and button which turns up desired results when you search for any service, biller name, payment option or payment/customer code using any direct or remote keyword. For instance, if you type in “Subscription”, you get a drop down list of all possible subscription based payments at a glance; then when you hit “Search” you get a result list of all the merchants and billers that offer subscription based payments in batches of 5, so you can click through or just click on the biller you are looking for.

This makes it waaaaaay easier to find any of our listed merchants and billers especially if you are not sure they’re listed or how they are listed on the site. This feature is designed to reduce scroll time to the barest minimum and take you straight to the service you want to use.

So if you are not sure, just type it in and hit “Search”.


A Powerful Search Feature

A Powerful Search Button Feature



3.     A Select a Service Category Drop Down List

Gone is the long list of tabled categories which require scrolling and….

scrolling and…


and a pair of glasses.

Quickteller now has a drop down Select a Service Category List which offers you a list of services and billers according to category. This is another way you can search for billers on Quickteller. You click on the desired category and viola, you get taken to the biller category landing page with each biller represented by its very own square.

Select a Service Category Drop Down List

Select a Service Category Drop Down List



4.     Easily Recognisable Biller Icons

Again, gone are the texts as each Biller is assigned its own square box icon with their logo displayed for very easy recognition by you! So perhaps you do not know the biller by name you would know it by its logo and colours. This is a plus for merchants and billers as this also helps to grab the attention of visitors/users to the fact that your business is listed on Quickteller….for free. ;)

Easily Recognisable Biller Icons

Easily Recognisable Biller Icons



5.     An Editable Frequent Services List

Now when you sign in as a registered user, you immediately land on your Frequent Services page which basically lists out your frequently paid services by biller. So for instance if you have previously bought airtime you will see a list of the different purchases with the phone number (Customer ID) and Service option arranged according to the mobile telephone providers.

 Even better you can Edit the “Service Option” field to enter the recipient’s name. Just click “Edit”. So going forward if you need to buy airtime for your “Dad” or “Mum” or “Tunde” your younger bro or your “Gateman” there is no need to consult your phone book, just click “Pay” against the recipient and enter the amount.

This is a cool benefit of full registration on Quickteller. Just do it already!

Frequent Services

Frequent Services



6.     Payment History

In addition, when logged in as a registered user, you can view a history of all your payments made from My Frequent Services page. Clicking “History” against a particular payment brings up a Payment History page for that service. The page allows you set the date range of transactions history you would like to view – This month, Last month, Three months, Six months or One year. Each option automatically gives you the payment history by date with a time stamp and amount, with the total number of payments and their value displayed at the top of the table. So no more confusion as to whether or not you paid that bill or made that transfer. Neat, huh?

Payment History

Payment History



Ok! I am afraid we have run out of time on today’s episode of The Life & Times of Sabinus Serrano.

For the rest of the 11 Snazzy New Features & Whistles of the New Look Quickteller Website, tune in tomorrow same time, don’t be a Fedele and follow this blog!


    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Ebuka hi, to answer your question, no, one cannot currently make payments on Quickteller using Dollar-denominated MasterCards. However, we are looking into this. We will let you know as soon as this becomes a feature. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

      1. Chukwudi

        It seems you did not get the question that was asked.

        The question was, if i may rephrase, “Can i make payments on Quickteller site using a Dollar-denominated MasterCard, or is only Naira Debit cards you accept?”.

        And i believe the answer is a resounding “Yes, of course! You can pay with USD, GBP, ZAR, etc, ”

        Nice new site, by the way. Keep up the good job.

        1. Sabinus

          Chukwudi hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller! Thank you for pointing this out! To answer the question: no, one cannot currently make payments on Quickteller using Dollar-denominated MasterCards. However, we are looking into this. We will let you know as soon as this becomes a feature.

  1. Nkiru

    Can one use more than one bank in operation without deleting and downloading a new quick teller app and entering another phone number to make use of another bank?

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Nkiru, I take it you are referring to the Quickteller App. If you are, you can have as many cards listed on the app as long as they belong to different banks. For now the app cannot list more than one card from the same bank. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Makinde, thank you for choosing Quickteller! We are currently working towards this and will keep you posted once it it available.

    1. Sabinus

      Abraham hi, simply click on “Forgot Password?” on the Sign-In Page, enter your email address and click “Reset”. Your new log in details will be sent to you. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  2. Tunji

    You didnt include any of my comments into your new website. 1. Checkn of Act Balance direct 4rm d page.
    2. Act transfer

    1. Sabinus

      Tunji hi, thank you for your valuable feedback! While you can currently carry out account to account funds transfers on Quickteller, account balance verification is not available on However, this feature is available on the Quickteller App as long as your Verve card has been registered. Click here to download the app to your phone:

    1. Sabinus

      Muhammad hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller! International credit cards do not currently work on Quickteller. However, credit cards issued by Nigerian banks can work on Quickteller, just kindly confirm from your bank if your credit card has been enabled for local internet transactions.

    1. Sabinus

      Kasimu hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller! Yes, MasterCards can be used to buy airtime, pay bills and transfer funds on Quickteller!

    1. Sabinus

      Kasimu hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. All Nigerian bank cards with the exception of Standard Chartered Bank and Citigroup work on Quickteller.

    1. Sabinus

      Makinde hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller! Just register your new card the same way you registered the expired one. They system will recognise it.

  3. Alhassan

    ever since Quickteller was deployed for financial transactions, i have been using quickteller without no problem. i prefer using Quickteller than my own internet banking services due to some unnecessary charges. i give your applications GBOSAAAAAA!

  4. makinde

    How is diamond bank visa atm cacd work with quickteller because it has no other card, to my knowledge than visa. Thanks.

    1. Sabinus

      Makinde hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Visa cards do not currently work on Quickteller. Verve cards and MasterCards work quite well with Quickteller, with Verve cards providing greater convenience with the Remember Card feature.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi FJ, thanks for your interest in Quickteller. Getting started is very simple. Just log in and register with your email, name, phone number etc here: Then you can buy airtime, pay bills and transfer funds from one account to another by simply using your debit card issued by your bank. Just ensure that your debit card has been enabled for Safetoken OTP i.e. online payments by your bank.


      Click “Mobile Recharge” button to buy airtime
      Click on “Make Payments” button to pay bills
      Click on “Send Money” to transfer funds

      Or just search for the service, option or payment code using the search button.

      and you are good to go! :)

    1. Sabinus

      Lucky hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. All you need to do is:
      • Browse to from your desktop or from your mobile phone
      • Register and create a profile
      • Follow the necessary activation steps
      • Select a payment type/category
      • Make payments using your debit/ATM card

  5. ojumu tope

    I lost my phone number, the one I used to previously register my quickteller. How can I change to my new phone number.

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