Top up Your LCC Toll Account on Quickteller!!


Are you a resident of the Lekki area of Lagos? Or does business or work take you that way? Do you use the Admiralty Toll Plaza? Do you have an LCC (Lekki Concession Company) Toll Account? If so this is to let you know that your LCC (eTag/Swift Pass Plus) Toll Account can be topped up on Quickteller with payment credited immediately!

All you need is your debit/ATM card and your LCC toll account number.

There are 3 easy and quick ways to do this using Quickteller:


  1. Visit or Log-in to
  2. Type “LCC” in the Search Bar and search
  3. Click on LCC Toll Payments
  4. Enter your LCC Account Number, Email, Mobile No.
  5. Enter Amount you wish to pay
  6. Click on Continue
  7. Confirm your payment details and complete payment with your debit/ATM card.

On the Quickteller App:

  1. Launch the Quickteller App
  2. Click on Make a Payment
  3. Select Transport and Toll Payments
  4. Select LCC Toll Payments
  5. Select Toll Account Top up
  6. Enter your LCC Account Number and Amount
  7. Confirm your Transaction
  8. Click Next to complete payment with your debit/ATM card.

LCC App 1LCC App 2


At the ATM:

  1. Visit an ATM
  2. Insert your card
  3. Select Quickteller
  4. Select Pay bills
  5. Choose your account type
  6. Select LCC
  7. Enter your LCC Account Number as ‘Customer Reference’
  8. Enter the Amount to pay
  9. Follow prompts to complete the payment


Voila! It’s so easy!

For more information please contact us on or call 01-9065000 or call the LCC customer service helpline 0800 22 555 22 (0800 CALL LCC).

Quickteller. Simple. Smart. Convenient.




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