Verve eCash… In a nutshell!

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What it is?

Verve eCash is a simple prepaid card linked to your email address and phone number.

Why it’s good?

  1. You never need to cram your card number again
  2. It’s free of bank/OTP restrictions when being used
  3. With eCash, no need to expose your full bank account/card online anymore.

How to get it?

Just visit Quickteller. Or click here. You can also dial *322*60# from your phone

How to topup your eCash account?

  1. Online here.
  2. At an ATM. See instructions here

How to use it

See here

How to get help?

See here.

We’d love to improve… Please give us feedback in the comments section below…


  1. Sanusi Salisu

    Please i want my Verve eCash number to start with 2348035558865 instead of 08035558855 am currently using.

    1. Sanusi Salisu

      Please i want my Verve eCash number to start with 2348035558865 instead of 08035558865 am currently using.

      1. Sabinus

        Sanusi hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. You can create another Verve eCash using the desired phone number.

    1. deshola shittu


      Your Mastercard can be used to pay bills but to enjoy the other features and facilities Quickteller offers your can get a Verve card or better still a Verve eCash account. It is an alternative payment token that acts the same way as your Debit/ATM card and its really easy to sign up just click the link below.

      To find out more about Verve eCash

      Thanks for choosing Quickteller.

        1. Sabinus

          Funke hi, funds transfers do not currently work on the Quickteller App when using a GTBank MasterCard. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  2. Buchiogoh

    Pls, I downloaded d Quickteller app but I cannot verify my phone number. I dont receive d token verification on my phone number 08064539946. It is an MTN number now, though I ported out 10months ago to etisalat but am back in with MTN. Please kindly help cos am mostly mobile. The app would be a great help.

  3. Faith

    Hi, I was told I can do Western Union Transactions with quick teller, how possible is that and how quickly can I do it?

  4. Biodun

    Dear interswitch

    How can i view my statement of account anytime, am more particular about account statement than just checking ordinary balance

    I want to hv a detailed report of cash in cash out anytime anyday


  5. uzoma

    Hi, can I use my visa card, do u accept visa card for payment. And how long does it take to activate mine mytv.

    1. Sabinus


      Yes it is. Simply click the “Forgot Password” button and a password would be sent to your registered email.
      If you are still having challenges please dial 01-9065000.

      Thanks for choosing Quickteller.

  6. lawrence

    why is fund not being transferred back into my bank account no matter how i try from my Verve eCash? its giving me error

  7. Augustine

    eCash is a very convenient product. Please make provision for it to be topped via Quickteller app. Also, it would be great to make provision for it to be used for payments via POS. God bless!

    1. Sabinus


      Thanks for the suggestion, but it already exist sir. If you transfer to a third party’s account. He can easily withdraw with his bank debit card.


    1. Sabinus

      Hello Happiness, Skye Bank Master Cards do not currently work on Quickteller. Yes you can transfer funds to another account using your eCash once funded.

    1. Sabinus

      Maro hi, funds transfers do not work with GTBank cards on Quickteller at the moment. For more information pls contact GTBank. However, you can continue to use your GTBank card to buy airtime and pay bills on Quickteller.

  8. jonathan friday

    i make paymet for my Gotv on quickteller this aftrnoon just now but it was faild twice hope my money was not deducted . pls look into it and let me know why pls. by the way it was my first bank i use.

  9. Ofotare Glory

    Please i want my first bank verve card deleted from my wallet, that card has benn perforated. i can’t activate my new card unless the previous one is romeved
    NB. Your customer service email is realy not helping matters,mails don’t get delivered.

  10. ade

    I misplaced my registered phone number. Please guide me on how to register my new number so that I can receive SAFETOKEN on it. Thank you.

    1. Sabinus


      Simply visit the nearest ATM to repeat the registration or follow the link below to read ways to register. This automatically overrides your old number


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