What Cards Can I Use on the Quickteller App?



The Quickteller App which is the app version of Quickteller.com for use on your smartphone, enables you purchase airtime, pay bills and transfer funds on the go! As is with other electronic payment methods it requires the use of a payment card – ATM, prepaid, post-paid.

The Quickteller App works with most cards, more specifically bank-issued Verve Cards and MasterCards. However, the app has been fully optimised to work with Verve Cards.

With a Verve Card you need not enter all your card details when making payments on the Quickteller App; all you need to remember are your CVV2 number and PIN. This is thanks to Verve International’s Remember Card feature for all activated Verve cards. If you do not have a Verve Card, request one from your bank and get it same day!

To use a MasterCard to make payments on the Quickteller App, use the “Pay at QuickTeller.com” option.


So buy airtime, pay bills, fund your mobile wallet, and transfer funds using the Quickteller App for a more convenient Quickteller experience!


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  1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

    Segun hi, I take it you have downloaded the Quickteller App. If not there are three quick ways to download the Quickteller App:

    1. Download it on your phone via https://get.quickteller.com/
    2. Search for and download it via BlackBerry App World or Google Play Store
    3. SMS “Quickteller” to 32122 and follow the prompts

    Then all you need to carry out transactions is an ATM Card issued by your bank and activation of the ATM Card on the app or at the ATM

    How to Activate Your ATM Card

    Visit an ATM
    Insert your card
    Select Quickteller
    Select “Pay bills”
    Choose your account type
    Select “Others”
    Enter 322222 as the payment code
    Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
    Accept the N101.00 amount displayed
    Follow prompts to complete the activation

    Then you can use the app by just choosing the option menu to pay bills, buy airtime or transfer funds.


  2. Tunji

    Is there a charge(mayb sms charge) for making use of the app whenever it is used for any transaction aside the norminal charge of d usual N100? Kindly tell us the hidden charges of using the app. And we want it on Symbian s60v3 & s60v5.

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Tunji hi, there are no hidden charges for using the app. You are only charged a N100 convenience fee. The app will be available for Nokia phones, Java and iOS soon. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  3. igbaoreto solomon

    I tried to tranfer money and recharge but says this transaction requires expiry date to be completed andi was only given 2 options I.e cvv2 & pin

  4. Ofotare Glory

    I activated my verve card some days ago, but the billing was more than what stipulated above, I paid N101 instead of N1. It’s really surprising that your infos and datas are not completely true and correct.

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Glory hi, thank you for your observation. We will ensure that this is clear and communicated across ALL our platforms going forward. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  5. Gbenga Francis

    How can i transfer money from my atm card,that is linked with two account,both saving and current. I want to transfer from saving to another account holder. How can i do that,pls explain. Thanks

    1. Sabinus

      IK hi, thanks for choosing Quickteller! Visa Cards do not currently work with Quickteller. We are currently looking into this. However, you can use Verve cards and MasterCards on the app. With MasterCards always choose the “Pay at Quickteller.com” option on the app, while Verve cards are automatically remembered for CVV2 and PIN entry only while making a payment.

  6. truth neekpoa

    Good-day. Please, i have been trying to use my visa card for online transaction but the reply i get is that my card is not recognized. Please help me out.

    1. Sabinus

      Truth hi, thanks for choosing Quickteller! Visa cards do not currently work on Quickteller. However, you can use a MasterCard or a Verve Card for greater convenience.

  7. chuks

    can I use UBA MasterCard for this transactions or is it only verve cards because I have UBA MasterCard but I did not see where verve or interswitch is written on it.so I don’t know whether it will work. I have tried it but it says I have to enter 16-19 digits instead of 12 digits and the MasterCard have only 12 digits number.

    1. Sabinus

      Chuks hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. You cannot currently use a 12-digit debit card. We are working to resolve this and we expect this to be done by the end of the week.

  8. Eboh Daniel

    None of my payment are been save into my box, you said is automatic save, why are mine not having they saved after payment has been made? however it is still quick quick service.

  9. lawrence

    pls I have been using my ATM card in ATM MACHINES already, can it still work on quick teller mobile app? cos after the app. download, I try to activate it. But after entering my card number and the expiring date, I got this reply “” virtual card already registered with another wallet “” what dose that mean pls, or do I need a fresh card that has not been used in ATM MACHINE for the first time? and my card is ECO BANK verve card. Pls help me out.

    1. Sabinus

      Lawrence hi, kindly skip the activation process on the app. “Refresh Data” on the app and try to carry out an account balance enquiry, your card should be listed. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  10. Joy

    Hi, First Bank is not inclusive in the banks drop down. Tried using my first bank verve card but I kept receiving a prompt that the card number is incorrect.

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Adeleke, thank you for choosing Quickteller. To use your GTBank card to carry out transactions on Quickteller just use your hardware token issued to you by the bank to generate your OTP to complete transactions on the app and the website.

  11. Lukman

    .Sabinus, pls i am a little bit confused. I thought i only need to select pay at ATM option to enable me use my GTB Master Card but i saw your reply to someone where you asked him to use his hardware token issued by the bank to generate his OTP to complete transactions. Pls i need more explanation on this

    1. Sabinus

      Lukman hi, when making payments on the Quickteller App with a MasterCard, you have to use the “Pay at Quickteller” option. If you are ever asked for an OTP on any Quickteller platform when using your GTBank MasterCard, use your GTBank-issued hardware token to generate the code to complete payment. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  12. Ibrahim Ameen Ibrahim

    Even your website is not working any more. I used it to transfer money and it is not going, for it return a message that ” i have exceeded the limit set by my bank”. I tried it several weeks with my gtbank master card but to no avail.

    1. Sabinus

      Bunnie hi, yes it is possible to run two accounts ATM/debit cards on the app as long as they are not from the same bank. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  13. Olumide

    Why do i need to enter my card PIN? Your facility is very unsafe if i have to give you all relevant information to clone and use my card, dont you think?

    1. Sabinus

      Olumide hi, thank you for your interest in the Quickteller App. PIN entry verification is a required authentication feature as put in place by CBN and the banks in line with global best practice. Your details are safe as we have in place up-to-date internet security protocols.

  14. Idowu

    I registered two verve cards and both of them are from the same bank (Firstbank). When I tried transact on the quickteller app, only one card was shown (the one I registered last). What can I do to make the first card usable on the app because I transact with it more than the second card? Thank you for your efficient services.

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