What Exactly is the Quickteller App?


You know that awkward moment when your ATM Card despite your having a healthy bank balance suddenly becomes useless? Yes, you are caught out without a kobo and have checked all the ATMs in the area but they are all out of cash; and you really really really need to pay that bill or send money to a friend/client or simply buy airtime. What to do?

Download the Quickteller App!!!
The Quickteller App is basically the app version of Quickteller.com – an electronic payment platform through which you can buy airtime, transfer funds and pay bills. As a downloadable app on your Android, BlackBerry and iOS smartphones*, the Quickteller App becomes your mobile payment option on the go!!! All you need to do is download it and use your ATM Card to make payments. It is easy, safe and convenient!!!

There are three quick ways to download the Quickteller App:

  1. Download it on your phone via https://get.quickteller.com/
  2. Search for and download it via BlackBerry App World or Google Play Store
  3. SMS “Quickteller” to 32122 and follow the prompts

Then all you need to carry out transactions is an ATM Card issued by your bank and activation of the ATM Card on the app or at the ATM (see steps below**).

So say goodbye to those awkward moments like the one above and be free! ;)

Please follow this blog for more information and tips on the Quickteller App. Enjoy your day!

* Please note that development for Nokia smartphones is underway and will be available soon.

**How to Activate Your ATM Card

  1. Visit an ATM
  2. Insert your card
  3. Select Quickteller
  4. Select “Pay bills”
  5. Choose your account type
  6. Select “Others”
  7. Enter 322222 as the payment code
  8. Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
  9. Accept the N101.00 amount displayed
  10. Follow prompts to complete the activation
Please follow this blog for more information and tips on the Quickteller App. Enjoy your day!


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    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Hi Friday, the Quickteller currently works with only Verve and Master Cards. Kindly request one from your bank. You should be able to get the card same day.

      1. Tonye

        You did mentioned that the app accepts Mastercard and that’s not true because i have tried it and it even displayed that it only accepts Verv Card.

        1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

          Tonye hi, you can pay with your MasterCard on the Quickteller App by choosing the ‘Pay at Quickteller’ option. Thank you for downloading the Quickteller App!

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Lanre hi,

      you can increase the value of your transactions by enabling your card at the ATM as outlined in the post above. Keep using Quickteller!

  1. ibrahim sani

    I have activated my ATM through the ATM Machine and some money was deducted from my acc.but uptil now i cant recharge more than #200 and i cant transfer money.pls rectified for me.Thanks

  2. Oluwakayode

    I activated my card but don’t know how the app will know that I have done that.

    The app keep prompting me to activate my card when I signed in.

    kindly urgently assist with a lasting solution.

    Best Regards,

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Oluwakayode, kindly ignore the prompt to activate your card on the app by clicking “Skip Activation and Proceed”. You will be able to use the app.
      Thank you!

  3. adepeju

    hello, i have the app on my fone but could not activate my gtb naira-mastercard on d atm. i followed all the instruction,acepted the 1.00 payment & dats all. nothing else show nor further inatruction given.
    i still have the atm print out wth me to prove.

    what can be done to help,cos i want to be able to transfer money as gtb mobilemoney app is nt working on my fone.

  4. lanre atilola

    is this payment code peculier to me or general for everybody? will the payment system accept every atm card irrespective of the bank that issued it and the issuers operative, e.g verve, mastercard and interswitch

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Hi Lanre, the payment code for card activation at the ATM is for everybody. If you are referring to the app, it works with Verve and MasterCard cards. However, if you want to complete a transaction using a MasterCard, pls use the “Pay with Quicteller.com” option on the app. Keep using Quickteller App!

  5. Francis B. Udoh

    For over a week now since I downlaoded this app, I’ve not been able to generate the safe token for me. I keep receiving the ‘unable to generate the safe token (-2)’ notice. what else should I do? I have already activated my verve card.

  6. moses enebi abalaka

    I’ve done everything in that steps still it reject me from transfer or recharge more than #200. I’m tired

  7. Samuel Mbah

    I tried using Quickteller App on my Blackberry to buy airtime, pay for my bill and also transfer money to another bank account but it didn’t work. The message I got reads: “Sorry, your transaction could not be processed. Limits has not been configured for this transaction type. How can I solve this problem?

  8. Eze michael

    Dz idea is vry wndaful,bt bt problem is dt I hva nt been able to transfer money 2ru dz app,d responce has alwayz been d limit set by ur bank does not permit dz transact even wen u wt to send d least thousand same wit airtime above hundred naira.So plz wt can I do to improve dh limit.

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Eze hi, this is because you have not yet enabled your card at the ATM. Kindly see post above and follow the steps outlined to activate your card at the ATM. Thank you!

  9. Ebiye Edwins Ikeotuonye

    I have activated my card via the ATM machine and was debited N1.00 and yet I can’t buy airtime for my fone above N200. 00 and I am wondering why. Now I just got a message to go through the same process to be debited N1. 00 again, why and what’s going on??? Please activate my card as I had paid previously and wasn’t activated. Thank you.

  10. Ebiye Edwins Ikeotuonye

    I have activated my card via the ATM machine and was debited N1.00 and yet I can’t buy airtime for my fone above N200. 00 and I am wondering why. Now I just got a message to go through the same process to be debited N1. 00 again, why and what’s going on??? Please activate my card as I had paid previously and wasn’t activated. Thank you. And I also cannot transfer funds to my siblings and I am guessing it’s because of the “no activation but debited account “

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Habib hi, this is because you have not yet enabled your card at the ATM. Kindly see post above and follow the steps outlined to activate your card at the ATM. Keep using the Quickteller App!

  11. adogah ahmed

    I hope dis tip works cos i’v bn looking for a way outta for a while. cos if I can get dis activation done, it’ll save me a whole lotta stress. I’m off to d nearest atm

  12. ogunwale lukman

    I have dowloaded on my blackberry and activated on atm. A message is expected to be sent but not. Can it still work?

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Ogunwale hi, since you have activated your card at the ATM, just launch the app on your phone and ignore the prompt to activate your card on the app by clicking “Skip Activation/Proceed”. You will be able to use the app.

  13. Wasiu

    this quickteller application is good av used it to transfer more than #5000 to an account in my bank but charged #100. Why am I being charged for transfer to my bank?


    I ve register my gtbank master card Successfully but when I want to check my balance or recharge my fone what I get is decline by ur bank, why

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Hi Richflower, the Quickteller App currently works with Verve Cards. Kindly request one from your bank to enjoy a more convenient transaction experience. However, pending this you can use the “Pay at Quickteller.com” option on the app to use your GTBank card. Have a nice day and keep using Quickteller!

  15. emma

    Can I knw more about the tranfer..do they charge for money transfer from bank to bank. Secondly, do they charge for getting airtime

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Emma hi, for bank to bank funds transfers a convenience fee of N100 is charged, while airtime purchase does not attract any charges. Keep using the Quickteller App!

  16. oyibo kc

    i tried registering ,my verve debit card on the quickteller site but it keeps responding ‘ unrecognised pan detail’. pls kindly support.
    As i have to do this to complete my account registeration.

    Also, do i have to register my again on the mobile when i already registered on the website?

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      KC hi, you should register/activate your card on the ATM. Once you have done this, you do not need to activate your card on the app. Just select “Skip Activation/Proceed” to use the app. This also applies to usage on Quickteller.com. Thank you for using Quickteller.

  17. Oyedemi Oyejide

    Hi.I have been using the quickteller for long but suddenly I discovered that my UBA master/debit card is no longer working on the quickteller,so I’ll like to know the problem please.my regards.
    My numbers(08050816077).

  18. Soji

    Pls I have just activated my master card via d atm and yet I can’t make transaction with the apps sayin no acct found menwhile the activation was successful, I got d debit alert bur didn’t get d activation alert via d fone number I used!


  19. Ay

    Thanks all for this enlightening questions and answers. What is the advantage of this quickteller over other means of etransfer like, gtmobile banking? Can the same quickteller acct be opeterated using different ATM cards?

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Felix hi, as soon as you launch the app, upon a successful download, you will be prompted to enter your phone number in order to receive an activation code. Do this and you would have activated the app. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  20. dupe

    i have followed the steps to activate my atm card and #101 naira was deducted from my account. but it seems its not yet activated because the application is still complaining to activate. then what is the transaction charges for using quickteller.

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Dupe hi, thank you for downloading the Quickteller App. Your activation is fine. Kindly click “Skip Activation/Proceed” to use the app.

  21. Akingbola

    I have already registered my mastercard, didn’t find easy to use because of so many prompts. I got tired, uninstalled the app and now I have reinstalled the app successfully. How do I retrieve my earlier card registration details and make this seamless. I have tried re-registering the card but the app keeps telling me that the card had already been registered to another account which is true, but no options to re-enter that old detail that was not working for. What can be done to salvage this situation. Thank you.

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Akingbola hi, upon re-installation of the Quickteller App, use the phone number you used in the first installation process and your details will be automatically linked with the app. Should you still have a problem, kindly send an email to support@interswitchng.com. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

  22. lawson Maureen

    Pls, I downloaded it on my phone and I followed the procedure yet I couldn’t make any transaction. The response I do have is “sorry, the transaction was declined by your bank. We recommend that you contact your bank for your resolution.

  23. mm

    Hi, I carry out transactions on quickteller everyday but at some point in the day maybe after paying for a ticket and i want to pay for something else, it tells me i have exceeded my maximum transaction limit per day. I want to know how to increase that limit.

  24. favour

    i have been using this application for a while on my andriod phone but just ysterda, after updateing it i have not been able to make any transfers it keeps saying”service provider not available”

  25. funmi

    Hey, ever since i refreshd my quickteller app, it always say NO ACCOUNT FOUND. Whneva i try 2 register my card againn, its says my wallet has already been registered. Iv been unable 2 use d app since den. i evn upgraded to d new version. Same story. Help!!!!!

    1. Tejiri Oghenekaro

      Funmi hi, thank you for trying out the Quickteller App. Kindly send a message to us using the “Need Help?” feedback link on the app, let us sort you out.

  26. goodness

    The app works great. I cn recharge my phone. But says limit has been set when I want to transfer fund to bank. Pls what is the set limit for transferring fund?. Or must I register with the atm b4 I can transfer fund to bank?

    1. Sabinus

      Goodness hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Yes, to increase the set limits placed by your bank, you have to get your card registered for Safetoken OTP either by yourself or by your bank at the ATM.

  27. Uchenna

    I have used the app to recharge, pay for dstv and even transfer to bank accounts. Just recently, I have been unable to transfer to bank accounts. I get several error messages from “transaction failure to bank set limits”. I have even went to my bank to complain and they said all is well from their end. I need to send money. Please, how can you help me rectify this?

    1. Sabinus

      Waziri hi, the safety and security of your account and details have been put into consideration; as such you should have no fear of hackers. Using the app is just like using the ATM or making payments on-line. As long as you do not share your PIN or card details with others your accounts are safe. Thank you for choosing Quickteller!

    1. Sabinus

      Hi Eneyo, kindly run the app and then refresh data. When you’ve done this carry out a balance enquiry. Once this is done the app should work just fine. Thank you for choosing Quickteller.

  28. ogunseye james

    i activated my quick teller at the ATM but not working still can’t get my OTP.
    i have tried different times and its saying no quick teller option available for card

    1. Sabinus

      James hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Kindly contact your bank to assist with the registration of your ATM card for Safetoken.

    1. Sabinus

      Wunmi hi, thank you for choosing Quickteller. Only bank cards issued by Nigerian banks can be used on Quickteller.

  29. olanrewaju

    Funds transfer into another bank was reversed and my account debited what’s the problem pls help me out….

  30. barbara

    Hi I attempted using quickteller to cash western union into my gtb account but kept getting the try again error message. This was on friday.i tracked the money on western union website and it shows that the money has been picked up. I havnt gotten any alert from my bank and I have sent several messages to your email without reply. 25000 is involved please reply me

  31. glistenboy

    I have already get this application on my phone …mistakely i was deleted it and i have register my card with it …..but i try to get another one ….didn’t remember my verve card since then dont know what to do….question? It that application work with one verve card…..cos it would always been say …this virtual has been register by another wallet…(5091) anyone should help me out of this …

  32. Onikoyi McCoy

    I am using a keystone bank interswitch verve card and have activated it for quickteller at the atm but it keeps telling me “transaction declined by bank for resolution”. Pleas what can I do about this so I could use quickteller effectively?

  33. Ishan


    I am new in InterswitchNG. And I want to use your services in my mobile app that work with the card swipe devices.

    Here I have following queries.
    1. How to start integration in your services.
    2. Where can I get the full script/source fro sending payment.
    3. Also if their are any api that create integration with the php / any web services, so please let me know.

    Also as for using in mobile app if their any api, so please give me the link.

    Please let us know the step by step process that how can I start and how to implement this script.

    I am a waiting for your hopeful reply and if you have any suggestion as about all of my above queries then send me email on ishansouranhjain@hoptmail.com.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ishan S. Jain

  34. okolo

    After i lost my quickteller application on my smart phone, i download another application but am not getting an activation code. What could be the cause? Please help.

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