What You Will See When You Dial *322# or *805# (Quickteller USSD)

2. List of Transaction Types

Now that you have heard the message of the alternative Quickteller USSD platform (for non-smartphones), we have gone ahead and put together some of the screens that you may encounter whenever you dial *322# (for Airtel, Etisalat & MTN subscribers) or *805# (for Glo subscribers) to purchase airtime, transfer funds or pay bills!


Let’s begin right after you dial *322#….or *805#.

1. USSD Code Running

1. Connecting....

The Connecting Pages

Where the USSD platform attempts to connect to the Quickteller platform. All you do here is click “OK” and in a few short seconds this next page comes up….

The Quickteller Menu Page

2. List of Transaction Types

From this page you can select the transaction type you wish to carry out…Recharge, Transfer Money, Fund Mobile Wallet, Make a Payment etc. by simply typing in the respective digit and clicking “Send”. Let’s assume you have typed in “1” for Recharge this is what comes next…….

Telco List Page

3. List of Telcos for Airtime Purchase

Go ahead and enter the appropriate digit for the airtime of the particular telco subscriber that you want to buy. So if you want to buy say Airtel airtime just type “1” and click “Send”…..

Enter Mobile Number Page

4. Airtime Purchase Enter Number to Recharge

Enter the mobile number you would like to recharge and click “Send”…..

Enter Amount Page

5. Amount to Recharge

Enter the amount of airtime you would like to buy and all that is left is for you to select your…..

Payment Option Page

12. Card Payment Options

Payment option: A list of your successfully Remembered Verve Cards as a result of Safetoken registration will appear and all you need to do is to select the preferred card by selecting the respective number and clicking “Send”. However, if you do not have a Verve Card or a Verve Card that has not been registered for Safetoken, either by yourself or by your bank, you will have to use the “Pay at Quickteller.com” option where an SMS with the URL/link to the WebPay page will be sent to your phone to complete the transaction.

To do this, you must have a phone with connection to the internet i.e. 3G or EDGE to access the link.


Now assuming that you entered “2” for Access (Bank) Verve Card as listed above as clicked “Send” this is what pops up…..

Enter CVV2

13. Remember Card CVV2 Request

Due to the Remember Card feature all you need to do is to enter your CVV2 ….

Enter PIN

14. Remember Card PIN Request

….and your PIN! Click “Send”….

Successful Transaction Page

Succcessful Airtime Purchase

Voila! Successful Transaction!


Simples? Yes!




 Now for Funds Transfers these are the screens you will see:

6. Funds Transfers Choose Destination Bank 17. Funds Transfers Choose Destination Bank 2


8. Funds Transfer Account Type  10. Funds Transfer Amount to Transfer11. Confirmation Page

When making Bills Payments, you will see:

15. Bills Payment List

16. Bills Payments Enter Customer Ref No.

17. Bills Payment Enter Amount

The screen shots and menus above were of a smartphone and were used for illustration purposes.


Again, you can use any phone to use Quickteller USSD (internet connection is required for only the Pay at Quickteller.com option).


Please note that the screens, menus and behaviour of Quickteller USSD may differ for different phone types and mobile telephone subscriber.

*Please note that regular USSD subscriber rates may apply when making use of the Quickteller USSD platform.

Should you have a problem kindly contact support@interswitchng.com or call 01-9065000.


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